An absurd decision that got the landlords on their feet

first_imgWhat would be logical and fair is to release the landlords from the first installment of the lump sum if by 31.07. they did not have an overnight stay, as well as those who checked out their capacities, so they should be exempted from paying the tourist tax for 2020. Exceptionally, for providers of accommodation services in households and family farms from the City of Zagreb, Krapina-Zagorje and Zagreb counties where no overnight stay was recorded in 2020, the calculation of the first installment of the annual lump sum tourist tax for 2020 was not initiated, taking into account the negative consequences of the earthquake. On March 22, 2020, it hit Zagreb and its wider surroundings. Also, Velenik states the whole chronology of the story. Circular letter to the offices of municipal and city tourist boards sent from the Main Office of the CNTB, which we transmit in full: We would also like to inform you that on 31 July 2020 the Ordinance amending the Ordinance on the annual lump sum membership fee for persons providing catering services in households and on family farms and on the Tourist Board forms for paying membership fees to the tourist board was published in the Official Gazette. a settlement will be launched in the coming days, of which you will be informed in detail after it is visible within the eVisitor system. ” You will be notified in a timely manner of further steps related to the calculation of the remaining two installments of the annual lump sum tourist tax due on 31 August and 30 September 2020. “Dear colleagues,following the letter of 17 July 2020 in which we informed you and the initiation of the calculation of the annual flat rate of tourist tax for providers of accommodation in households and family farms for 2020, below we inform you about the change related to the calculation. “I checked out the accommodation in July and had no traffic, and I still got a charge of the Lump sum and Membership fee for the whole of 2020.”Is just one of the landlords’ answers to this absurd move by the CNTB. Even though they didn’t spend a single night, even though they checked out – they still have to pay the debt that was waiting for them in the eVisitor system. Although it is quite clear to everyone that this Decision is absurd and illogical, especially at the current time of the covid19 pandemic, we expect the statement of the main officials, MINT and CNTB, as soon as possible, the urgent adoption of a new Ordinance on the manner of collection of the lump sum of the sojourn tax (regardless of vacations) and instructions on how renters should behave in this situation. Communication and argumentative discussion is the key, and that is where we fall the most. Taking into account additional consultations with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, conclusions from the coordination meetings of the Croatian Tourist Board with the system of tourist boards held in July 2020 and the arguments of tourist boards regarding the method of calculating the annual lump sum tourist tax for 2020, we inform you that on 31 July In 2020, the calculation of the first installment of the lump sum in question was initiated, the due date of which is 31 July 2020 for all providers of accommodation services in the household and on the family farm, regardless of whether they recorded an overnight stay in 2020. ISTRIAN TOURIST BOARDS REBELLED AGAINST CNTB DECISION Regardless of whether the renters have made overnight stays so far, some have even checked out the accommodation because they had no traffic, the Croatian National Tourist Board demands that all renters pay a lump sum in full for 2020. center_img Although the CNTB held regional meetings with certain county tourist boards, there is noise in communication, as some local tourist boards have been informed, and some have not, about this decision. At least according to the current information I have. It is the local tourist boards that are currently under the “attack” of angry renters on a daily basis, their citizens. And the most important question: Why did no one communicate with the landlords before making such a decision? The CNTB’s decision was first revolted by Istrian tourist boards, which sent a joint letter on August 04th, asking for such a decision to be annulled. That is why the director of the Poreč Tourist Board, Nenad Velenik, convened a press conference, since they are called every day by shocked people and renters, reports It is also important to point out that the calculation of the first installment of the annual lump sum of the tourist tax was initiated for taxpayers who obtained a decision to cease providing accommodation in the household in 2020 as well as for those who reduced capacity in accommodation facilities due to that as of 1 January 2020, the Ordinance on the method of collecting the lump sum of the sojourn tax of persons providing accommodation services in households and peasant households is no longer in force (OG 92/09 and 110/16). We kindly ask you to inform the payers of the lump sum in question in your area about this notice. It is not disputed that those renters who had a turnover pay a lump sum, but for those who did not have a single overnight stay, and who checked out before 01.07. its capacity is more than absurd. Needless to say, this is an extraordinary year and tourist season caused by the covid pandemic19. A key question arises, which is obviously the reason for this situation and disagreement, why no new one was adopted Ordinance on the method of collecting the lump sum of the sojourn tax? Especially in this extraordinary situation, which would define all the doubts, even legal obstacles. Of course, the problems are much deeper, from mistrust between everyone in the tourism sector, poor communication without open argumentative discussion and constructive dialogue between the public and private sectors. “According to the decision of the Ministry of Tourism, the flat-rate tourist tax was reduced by 19% for everyone due to COVID 50, and the announcement of the payment for an extra bed was forgiven. Our landlords had to pay the reduced tourist tax in 3 installments: 31.07., 31.08. and 30.09. The CNTB asks us by e-mail of July 17 to inform private landlords that those who have not had overnight stays by July 31.07 will not have the obligation to pay the 1st installment. The same e-mail mentions that we will inform them in a timely manner for the other 2 installments. However, in the e-mail we received from the CNTB on 3.08. specified mail from 17.07. refutes with the remark that the 1st installment for which the deadline expired (July 31.07) will have to be paid regardless of whether the landlords had a recorded overnight stay or not ” Velenik points out. Many landlords have already paid new debts, so that they do not have to pay interest. Many renters are in a difficult financial situation, not all have 10 or more apartments and large financial stocks. “All of us (local tourist boards of Istria) sent a letter to the CNTB asking them to reconsider the decision because they put us in a situation where we have about 50 angry landlords who threaten us to the point that we will have to provide security services. to protect ourselves”Pointed out Velenik and emphasized that no one contacted the local tourist boards regarding this decision of the CNTB, nor did they ask them for their opinion. Photo: Pixabay.comlast_img read more