The WRC (World Rally Championship) arrives in Croatia in 2019 or 2020

first_imgAt its 103rd session, the Government of the Republic of Croatia approved the candidacy for the organization of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in the Republic of Croatia in 2019 and 2020, which is the first precondition for the globally popular WRC to be held for the first time in Croatia. .Namely, the FIA ​​and WRC Promotor condition the bringing of one WRC station with the active participation of state institutions in the project on several levels, of course to ensure quality performance and organization at the level required by the whole event. The WRC delegation recently spent three days in Croatia, and in addition to agreeing and scanning the potential route of the race, they also held a meeting with the Government of the Republic of Croatia.By the way, Croatia was approved for the WRC in 2018, but Turkey was faster, so in almost a week it obtained all the necessary permits and state guarantees and signed a contract with the WRC promoter for the end of September, which Croatian organizers hoped for. But now all the prerequisites for the day’s agreement are on the table, and the organizers want the WRC in Croatia to be organized in April, May, early June, late September or October 2019 or 2020.The World Rally Championship is watched by more than 700 million spectators annually, of which four million spectators watched 2016 annual WRC races along the track in 13, while the Media World Rally Championship is watched by 1350 accredited journalists, more than 12.000 hours of TV programs are produced. The WRC program is broadcast in 155 countries around the world.In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”Cost-effectiveness studies prepared by the Faculty of Economics and Tourism from Pula, headed by prof. dr. sc. Robert Zenzerović, Cooperative for Ethical Financing from Zagreb and an abbreviated study Department of Economics and Sports Management of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb headed by Dr. sc. Sanela Škorić et al. Matom Bartoluciem from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, and based on data from other WRC races in the world, proves that this is a project of great benefit to the Republic of Croatia. In the most conservative calculations, the generated consumption would amount to 22 million euros. The direct profit for the state, only through VAT, is at least four million euros, while the indirect profit of the project through media effects is a huge 41 millioneuros.Official WRC data in Portugal are almost unbelievable. In 2016, the WRC race was watched live by 910.000 spectators (50% were foreigners; half of them from neighboring Spain). The direct impact on the Portuguese economy was a staggering € 67,6 million while the indirect effects were € 61,7 million. In terms of tourism, Portugal realizes more than 1.5 million overnight stays a year from the WRC alone!The WRC would definitely start in Istria and Kvarner, and the organizers want to organize the WRC in Croatia every few years. The Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board has already expressed interest, while the organizers wish to one day bring the WRC to and from Slavonia, more precisely to Vukovar, Vinkovci and Osijek. According to the first information, the race would start in the Pula Arena, and after four days and 1.000 kilometers in Istria, it would end in Poreč, but the real negotiations are just beginning.In any case, the arrival of the WRC would be a great promotion of Croatia, and another global spectacle in Croatia.last_img read more