Agency of Transportation begins testing TowPlow

first_img‘The Agency is looking forward to seeing the results of testing this equipment during a storm’ noted Scott Rogers, Director of Operations for VTrans. ‘We are always looking to improve our service for Vermonters and are focused on becoming more effective and efficient. We hope new technology such as this can help us better achieve our goals.’If the results of an initial test are positive, the Agency may look to test the equipment in other parts of the state for the remainder of the winter season.The TowPlow is a steerable snowplow trailer equipped with a 26-foot plow and a granular spreader. In conjunction with a standard plow truck, the combination is able to plow a 24-foot pathway ‘ the width of two typical traffic lanes. This allows the truck and TowPlow combination to cover as much ground as two standard plow trucks. This equipment, if successfully deployed, could allow the Agency to adjust its approach to snow and ice control on Vermont’s interstate highways.In the initial test, the TowPlow and plow truck combination will be deployed during normal hours (4 am to 10 pm) to clear the travel lane and breakdown lane. During night patrols (10 pm to 4 am) the TowPlow and plow truck combination may be used to clear the passing lane and travel lane. During the first few test runs, the TowPlow and plow truck combination will be followed by a VTrans pickup with flashing strobes.Drivers are advised to use caution when approaching or passing the TowPlow and plow truck combination. The Vermont Agency of Transportation announced today that it will begin testing a TowPlow as part of its ongoing effort to explore new technologies to improve winter maintenance operations during heavy snow events. The new equipment test will take place during the next few storm events along I-89, northbound and southbound, between Brookfield (mile marker 35) and Berlin (mile marker 50).last_img read more