first_img52, passed away on, February 28, 2017. She was born in Santa Rosa Taxisco, Guatemala and was a resident of Bayonne. She worked for Ideal Window Manufacturing. Daughter of the late Jose Herlindo Orellana and Maria Teresa Mejia. Mother of Teresa and her husband Christopher DeNoble and Celeste Orellana. Grandmother of Christopher Jr. and John. Sister of Yuri Orellana and aunt of Isabella. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to her family. Funeral arrangements by S. FRYCZYNSKI & SON Funeral Home, 32-34 E 22nd St.last_img

Women’s athletics deserves attention

first_imgA scorching start · Senior attacker Caroline deLyra pivots in a game against Michigan in March. The women’s lacrosse team is 11-0 this season. – Brian Ji | Daily TrojanThe unforgettable ending to Monday night’s NCAA men’s basketball title game had everyone buzzing. Everywhere I went in the ensuing 24 hours, people, basketball fans or not, wanted to talk about it — Uber drivers, baristas, professors and even my mother, who texted me after the game. And it was truly incredible, but something has been bugging me and it’s time I storm the Wildcats’ stage to say my piece: “Yo Villanova, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but UConn women’s basketball is one of the best dynasties of all time!”The Huskies’ 31-point win over Syracuse in the national championship Tuesday night gave the program its fourth consecutive title, capping off another undefeated season, and extending its historic winning streak to a whopping 75 games. With his 11th championship overall, head coach Geno Auriemma moved past the legendary John Wooden for most titles won by any coach in the sport all-time. Senior Breanna Stewart also became the first player on the women’s or men’s side to ever win four tournament most valuable players awards.These are remarkable feats and records that will very likely never be broken by any coach, player or team in collegiate basketball. For some mysterious reason, though, perhaps still lost in all of the crying Jordan memes and game-winning shot reactions, no one’s chatting or buzzing about the history that was just made by the Huskies. I tried bringing it up in conversation with some of my more athletic colleagues and the response I got was, “There was a championship game last night?”This type of oblivion towards the women’s game brings forward the very sad, yet true, reality of the attitudes towards it. I asked a few peers, males specifically, why they didn’t watch the women’s basketball Final Four and the answer I received each and every time was “because no one cares.” It shouldn’t be that way, but the harsh truth is that this is the way a lot of people, and not just males, use to justify their lack of appeal for women’s sports. It’s really tragic because as someone who has covered multiple collegiate women’s sports and practiced with them on the court, I watch, I care, and more people should begin to as well.At USC, the spotlight is almost always centered on football, men’s basketball and baseball. That’s because it’s what’s considered the social norm. In fact, I’ve previously been made fun of when I’ve said I was headed to a women’s basketball or women’s volleyball game. That’s just not right.Why can’t the spotlight shift to sports like women’s water polo, lacrosse or beach volleyball in the spring? In just its fourth season, the women’s lacrosse team is undefeated, as is the women’s water polo team, who is also ranked the No. 1 team in the country. The beach volleyball program is the last USC team to win a national championship after it turned in a perfect 28-0 season. Why do these high-achieving teams garner our attention and fanfare?One can’t deny the large gap that already exists when it comes to fan interest in men’s and women’s sports. This is nothing new, and the UConn women’s basketball team is just a microcosm of this inequality. One columnist even had the nerve to say that UConn was killing the women’s game. In the men’s game, dominance is celebrated, while in the women’s game, it’s frowned upon. Would I be lying if I said that everyone, including sports talk shows and networks, would be salivating if the Duke or Kentucky men’s teams had won 50-plus straight games and counting?So what’s it going to take for women’s teams to get the same type of treatment? We’ve grown up on the notion that boys are naturally stronger and faster than girls, but that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t be celebrated for athletic accomplishments. That belief makes it just as much a societal culture issue. Then, there are those that say the women’s game isn’t as “entertaining,” so that’s why they don’t watch.“They can’t dunk, so what’s the point,” someone told me.It has even gotten to the point where there’s a lot of discussion around lowering the rim in women’s basketball, which in turn, would add a whole new element to the game. Former UConn star and WNBA player Diana Taurasi powerfully responded to that idea by saying, “Might as well put us in skirts and back in the kitchen.”Women’s sports have come too far and made too many strides to digress now. Just in the past few years, Becky Hammon became the first female assistant coach in the NBA, Jen Welter became the NFL’s first female coach and former softball player Jessica Mendoza emerged as the first female broadcaster to call a Major League Baseball game on ESPN. While there is a long way to go for total equality, the leagues and the sports themselves have done their part. It’s now the fans’ turn to “lean in” to ensure that the women’s game garners the attention it very much deserves.Darian Nourian is a senior majoring in print and digital journalism. His column, “Persian Persuasion,” runs Thursdays.last_img read more

Reports: Iran Has Breached Uranium Enrichment Limits, Breaking 2015 Deal

first_imgIran has started increasing uranium enrichment beyond the purity threshold to which it agreed in a 2015 nuclear deal, the Iranian government announced Sunday.The move comes after President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal and re-introduced economic sanctions last year.Iran announced in May that it was partially withdrawing from the deal. Sunday marked the end of a 60-day ultimatum that country gave to the European nations that were part of the deal to ease sanctions on its banking and oil sectors.Officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the nuclear accord was supposed to limit Iran’s civilian nuclear program, and to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.Iran had agreed to keep uranium enrichment to below 3.67 percent, a level which is enough to provide power to parts of the country, but not nearly enough to build a nuclear bomb.At the time, Iran also agreed to reduce the number of its centrifuges, which are used to enrich uranium, by two-thirds, and to reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium by 98 percent.Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif on Sunday sent a letter to the European Union’s foreign representative Federica Mogherini to inform her of the action, adding, “We will give an additional 60 days of time starting today before taking further steps.”A spokesperson for the European Union says the bloc is “extremely concerned at Iran’s announcement. We strongly urge Iran to stop and reverse all activities inconsistent with its commitments under the JCPOA … we are in contact with the other JCPOA participants regarding the next steps.”The International Atomic Energy Agency says its inspectors will verify Iran’s announcement. Fredrik Dahl, the agency’s spokesman, added, “We are aware of Iran’s announcement related to its uranium enrichment level. IAEA inspectors in Iran will report to our headquarters as soon as they verify the announced development.”The 2015 deal came about after two years of negotiations by the U.S., China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom.Neither the White House nor President Trump have commented.last_img read more

City League Football Wrap-Up…A look at what ended up being what

first_imgGREG MCGHEE (William McBride/File Photo) Those are big shoes to fill. Marshall left Brashear to star at West Virginia. After a stellar career as an All-Big East performer he became a 5th round draft pick of the San Francisco 49ers in 2005.McGhee, however, was among the top passers in all western Pennsylvania, and in many accounts has been the “best kept secret in western PA.” He finished with nearly 2,500 yards passing to go along with 24 touchdowns, compared to only five interceptions. Interestingly enough, he has not made an official decision on where he’ll be attending college.“So far I’ve been having some communication with schools in the Mid-American Conference (MAC), schools like Ohio U, Toledo, and others,” McGhee said. “Most recently, Wisconsin has contacted me and I’m now in the process of getting some tapes together to send them.”It was announced last Sunday that Wisconsin will face TCU in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on New Years’ Day.“I would be thrilled to be a Badger,” McGhee replied, when asked.Here is a look into the current situations for each team and how they fared this season.1. Perry (11-2, 11-0) 17 SeniorsNotable losses—QB Greg McGhee , WR Devin Ghafoor, WR Eric Frye, TE Joe Arthur, G Steven Wicks, RB Micheal Banks, and WR Gerald Sherill.The Commodores may shift to being a running team next season, due to the fact that they’ll have a new nucleus of three junior running backs, including top-rusher Chinelo Oparanozie, who mainly carried the load for Perry during their championship season.Quotable: “The Perry football program is all about tradition,” Perry coach Bill Gallagher said. “These guys wait in the wings and go hard during practice, always waiting for their opportunities. That’s what helps us most with the younger guys on our roster.”2. Brashear (5-3, 6-5) 13 seniorsNotable losses—K Cody Magliocca, LB Dillon Semion, DT/OL Michael Ford, and DL/OL Darryl Bryant.The Bulls will return several players at skill positions next season; names like QB/WR Jawanza Bryant, RB Tre Gaines, WR/KR Manny Reed, RB Joel Nesbit, WR Ricky Gay, and WR/DB Jamil Smith. They will also ride on the fact that they’ve been one of the league’s most dominant teams for the past decade.Quotable: “We can’t become complacent,” Brashear head coach Rick Murphy said. “Every year, it’s competitive. I think we have a good group of kids for next year and I believe we’ve got what it takes to put together a championship-caliber team.3. Allderdice (6-2, 6-5) 12 seniorsNotable losses—QB Mike Pfleger, LB Jared Davis, OL Trevor Gibson.The Dragons made the biggest turnarounds this season. Just a season ago, they were 1-8 and in the basement, as far as the final standings. Allderdice will bring back one of the youngest, yet most experienced lineups next season—led by sophomore running back Patrick Ferguson.Quotable: “We have a lot of things to build on after this season,” Allderdice coach Jerry Haslett said. “We got a lot accomplished over the past year. We grew closer and became a team. I expect a lot of good things to happen next year.”4. Schenley (5-3, 5-5) 14 seniorsNotable losses—WR/DB DeAndre Black, QB Calvin Beck, OL/DL Shaquille Thomas.Schenley, in its final year as a program will join up with the ‘USO’ (University Prep, Sci-Tech, and Obama) as the newest addition in the City League for the 2011 season. The Spartans fell short of a repeat this season as they fell to Perry in the semi-finals. They will enjoy a wave of youth that will come in for next season, despite having one of the more dramatic drop-offs of talent, namely at skill positions, over the past two seasons. Not to mention, this program experienced a mid-season psychological shake in finding out that the MVP of last year’s championship game was killed in an overnight shooting at California University of PA back in October.Quotable: “We’re green,” Schenley coach Jason Bell remarked several times over the 2010 season. “We have a lot to learn and we will continue to learn over time. I am confident in my players’ abilities and what they are able to endure. What marks a man is the way that he handles adversity.”5. Oliver (4-4, 4-7) 12 seniorsNotable losses—WR Trevon Kendrick, TE Devante Tiller, RB Tyree Mathis, RB Tevin Washington.Oliver earned a spot in the Class AA PIAA playoffs by posting a .500 league record and suffered a 44-14 loss to Brockway in the first round at Clarion University. But the Bears can lean on the fact that they still very well could be one of the better AA teams going into next season, bringing back some talented youth. One of those includes the 5-10, 160 pound sophomore quarterback Shakeem Cox.Quotable: “I don’t know what’s going to happen next year, because our enrollment’s down and I’m on a committee (about it),” Oliver coach Tim Keefer said about his team’s future due to the league’s proposed re-alignment. “This is Oliver in the state playoffs, but now they want some kids to go play at Perry and co-op … so there might be some kids that don’t have a lot of opportunities.”6. Langley (3-5, 4-6) 8 seniorsNotable losses—WR Stefon Faye, RB Joey Bell, WR/DB Darryl Adams.The Mustangs found themselves in last season scraps to make the City League’s post-season and edge out Oliver to represent the City League in the Class AA State playoffs.They managed to do neither. But their bright side is that they have a low graduation total going into next season and they did not fall short of either of those feats by much.Quotable: “We’ve got some young people in the skill positions,” said Langley coach Kenny Wright. “It’s a little disappointing how we ended our season. We were better than how we finished. At one juncture, we were tied for second place, and with some misfortune we ended up in sixth place and out of contention. It just showed our kids how you just can’t ever be satisfied.”7. Peabody (3-5, 3-6) 4 seniorsNotable losses—CB Josh Butler, DL Antione Walls, WR Airon Walker, OL/DL Losotto Davis.Perhaps one the youngest teams in the City, the Highlanders won their final three games of not only the 2010 season, but in program history as well. They will find themselves in the midst of the USO consolidation as Pittsburgh Obama will make its move from the ‘Schenley-stein’ building into Peabody next year.Quotable: “I was very proud of the way that our kids fought out there, winning the final games of our history,” said Peabody coach Leonard Carter. “They didn’t give up despite the uncertainty of our future and all of the disappointment that is associated with that.”8. Carrick (2-6, 2-8) 9 seniorsNotable losses—QB/RB/WR Rasheed McKamey, WR/DB DeMario Patterson, OL/DL Jonah Pyus, WR Jajuan Thomas, WR/DB Lafon Pace, OL/DL Josh Kalsek, WR/DB Jordan Wilson, DL/FB Kenyatta Mohammed, FB/LB Josiah Fleming.The fact that head coach Jeff McCafferty stressed that all of his seniors this year are tremendous losses, is the most telling characteristic that Carrick is in need of a huge rebuilding process. A team that usually hangs around in post-season talks were completely non-existent this year, in that sense.Quotable: “We have some good talent coming back as well as some big holes to fill,” McCafferty said. “You play the game from September to November but you win the games from January to (August).”9. Westinghouse (1-9, 0-8) 12 seniorsNotable losses—WR Jevaughn Patterson, C Tirell Harris.After beating Bentworth in a non-conference match-up in week one, people had every reason to believe that this might be a much needed rebounding year for Westinghouse.But after that, the Bulldogs stopped barking. Their winless conference campaign in 2010 could have perhaps been one the worst, historically, in Westinghouse’s history as a program. Monte Robinson, Westinghouse’s coach was unreachable for comment.(Follow our continuing coverage of City League sports and add your comments to our website at www.newpittsburghcourieronline.com.) (Malik Vincent can be reached at [email protected]) by Malik Vincent For New Pittsburgh Courier The snow covered grounds around Pittsburgh are a grand indication that high school football has come to its end in the City League. Perry, the class of the City, made an early exit out of the PIAA playoffs—in a close 35-26 loss to District VI Champ State College—after dominating the League with a perfect 11-0 mark. That included a convincing 32-0 rout of its second-best team, the Brashear Bulls, in the championship game on Nov. 20.One thing that may always be remembered about this season was Perry’s prolific passing attack. Head coach Bill Gallagher, was an assistant on a Brashear team that quarterback Rasheed Marshall played on and described his QB Greg McGhee as a “better player than Marshall.”last_img read more

Fox Hill Day Commemoration Basketball Camp

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, August 14, 2017 – Nassau – In recognition of national Emancipation Day/Fox Hill Day commemoration, members of the Rhode Island Rams men’s basketball team with Fox Hill Urban Renewal staffers, and children and stakeholders living in the area, held a special basketball camp August 10, 2017. Photo shows group relaxing during a break.(BIS Photo/Derek Smith, Sr.) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img