Whole Foods developing Kinectdriven shopping cart

first_imgIf you fall into the category of people that think shopping is the worst kind of chore, you may want to check out the video above. It shows the progress of a three-week old project involving grocer Whole Foods and Austin-based studio Chaotic Moon to develop a Kinect controlled smart shopping cart. The goal is to create a shopping experience that is both easy and convenient for Whole Foods customers.The result is a pretty incredible prototype that is able to follow you through the Whole Foods store, as well as scanning each item you put into your cart and comparing it against a shopping list that you created at home. Have a food allergy? The cart will let you know when you have decided to purchase something that could react with your system. Along with this, the cart can also guide and tell you where each item is located in the store. The best part is that when you want to check out, there’s no need to go through a line since you have already scanned all your items in! Payment is handled through credit card information that is stored with your account, leaving the only choice you have to make in the store being whether or not you want someone to help bag your items.The functionality mentioned above was accomplished by pairing a Kinect device with what looks like a Windows 8 tablet (how I wish I could get my grubby paws on one). Connected via USB, both the Kinect and attached bar-code scanner feed information to the application running on the tablet to interact with the data stored in your account. The Kinect tracks your movement as well as voice commands to enable the cart to push itself along behind as you browse the aisles looking for the foodstuffs you are after.The Whole Foods smart shopping cart is something that will make me actually want to go back to the store just to play with. Chaotic Moon might just be onto something with this project. There is no word on when it will be put into full use at your local Whole Foods, but you can bet that we will be right beside you in line to get a chance to use them when they first come out!via Geek Wirelast_img read more