Galaxy S4 is worlds first TCOcertified sustainable smartphone

first_imgThe Galaxy S4 is more an evolutionary phone than a revolutionary one, but Samsung is rightly proud of its new flagship. Apart from being the company’s fastest-selling phone ever, it’s also the first smartphone in the world to earn a TCO certification.For years, TCO has been giving monitors, office equipment, and even furniture its seal of approval. Now, this isn’t TCO’s first phone certification standard. It introduced one back in 2001 for mobile phones, but phones have changed a lot over the last twelve years. Coming up with a new set of guidelines for smartphones certainly makes sense.The TCO stamp assures that the Galaxy S4 has been manufactured without the use of hazardous elements like nickel, beryllium, and mercury. It also gives a nod to Samsung’s focus on sustainability, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by others. iFixit recently awarded the Galaxy S4 an impressive 8 out of 10 for repairability, and ease of repair goes a long way toward making a phone sustainable. If parts can’t be swapped easily it’s because they’re usually held together with insane amounts of glueEarning a TCO cert for the Galaxy S4 could win Samsung some very big customers. Many big businesses and government agencies around the world require that new equipment be certified by groups like TCO Development. The TCO sticker — along with Samsung’s Knox software and the approval of the U.S. Department of Defense — makes the Galaxy S4 an even more attractive option for corporate IT environments.Until another OEM manages to get a phone TCO certified, Samsung and its retail partners will no doubt proudly trumpet the new Galaxy as the only certified sustainable smartphone in the world. For eco-friendly consumers shopping for a new handset, that just might be the push needed to get them to choose the S4. [Image credit: iFixit]last_img read more