Valorant beta key Twitch drops just became a lot easier to get

first_img (Riot Games) How to get Valorant beta keysLink your Riot account with your Twitch accountWatch Valorant streams on TwitchPass the threshold of hours watched (roughly 2)Higher weight is given to more hours watchedYou can get a drop even when offlineWhat to know about Valorant beta keysIn Valorant’s Tuesday statement, the company stated it is expanding to meet the high demand of players wanting to get in to the game. Also, if you were an extremely dedicated viewer, you likely gained access. “While we’re still running closed beta drops 24/7, please note that this change doesn’t increase the number of drops, just that you can watch any Valorant stream to be eligible,” the statement reads. “As a reminder: drops happen at all times (even when you’re offline!), but only for players in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries.”VALORANT: Agent list, abilities | What is Valorant?If you’re a Twitch streamer playing Valorant and want to give away closed beta drops, be sure to enable in-game drops through your Twitch account.Valorant has taken over Twitch streams since debuting earlier this month. It premiered to an astounding 1.7 million viewers shortly after it launched and is still holding steady at over 700,000 as of this writing. The game is from developer Riot Games and is a new push alongside its immensely popular League of Legends franchise. “We’ve increased our current closed beta server loads by +25% to meet demand and are ramping up even more,” the statement says. “We know it hurts to be unlucky, so we went through a few thousand of the most engaged VALORANT stream viewers and manually gave access as a thank you. Thank you, your internet, and your eyeballs.”The reason why Valorant hasn’t opened its doors completely is because the game is still working on server load management.”We are still in the active process of rolling out server infrastructure around the world—including more in EU and NA—and closed beta is doing a great job of telling us where we need to be.” If you’ve been watching select Twitch streamers play Valorant over the past week in hopes of getting a beta key, you aren’t alone. But now, the road to getting a beta key became easier.The game’s staff released an announcement Tuesday night saying all Valorant Twitch streams can drop closed beta access. Before, there were only a select number of streamers who had drops enabled, which led to some individual streamers reaching over 200,000 viewers. But now you can tune in to anyone playing Valorant and drops will be enabled.last_img read more