Man Dies After Being Arrested At Dead & Company’s Chula Vista Show

first_imgSad news out of Chula Vista, as a man who was arrested at Wednesday night’s Dead & Company show at Sleep Train Amphitheatre passed away while in police custody, as was first reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune. The heavy-set man in his 50’s was caught moving from seat to seat before the show started, which eventually led to him being confronted by security who asked to see his ticket. The man was apparently very intoxicated, according to security, and tried to run away, which led to a brief struggle before police arrived at the scene.When police did arrive, they found the man in question yelling incoherently and acting irrationally. The officers arrested him for public intoxication, which led to the man starting to struggle again. Police first took him to the medic tent, where he was evaluated and discharged with no major injuries, and he was then taken by police to be processed for the arrest.While the man was in processing, he apparently fell asleep sitting upright in a chair. An officer went to check on him, and found that he was suddenly unconscious. After several attempts to revive him, the man was pronounced dead. His death is currently under investigation.Our thoughts and prayers go out to this man’s friends and family.last_img read more

Nichols hustles to IMCA record 558th career win

first_imgMike Nichols moved to the top of IMCA’s all-time wins list with his career 558th IMCA Sunoco Stock Car feature win on Sept. 3 at Abe’s U.S. 30 Speedway in Columbus, Neb. He is pictured in victory lane with wife Anita. (Photo courtesy of Abe’s U.S. 30 Speedway) COLUMBUS, Neb. – Mike Nichols couldn’t recall many of the details of his first IMCA Sunoco Stock Car feature win.He’ll remember everything about his latest. Nichols won for the 558th time in his IMCA Sunoco Stock Car career at Abe’s U.S. 30 Speedway in Columbus, Neb., becoming IMCA’s all-time wins leader with the Sept. 3 checkers. It was the latest accomplishment for the most decorated driver of the sanctioning body’s modern era.“Everything you do is special in its own way,” said Nichols, now running for his ninth national championship. “Everything is its own accomplishment. When I’m in a nursing home years from now, this is something I’ll be able to talk about.”From Harlan, Iowa, Nichols has averaged better than 29 wins a season since 2002, with an IMCA record-tying 54 in 2016. He also owns more than 40 career track championships, another IMCA-best total, with at least one track title to his credit every season except one in the past 19 years.”“To be consistent for such a long time is remarkable, especially in a Stock Car, which I consider to be IMCA’s most competitive division,” he said. “Racing is really a team sport. I think about all the people who have helped me and all the things that have gone right over the years. It’s crazy.” A brief foray into the IMCA Modified class was rewarded with regional rookie of the year honors in 2000. Nichols’ decision to get back in a Stock Car has led to an unequalled two decades of success. His first national championship came in 2002. Nichols won the Sunoco Race Fuels Race of Champions two years later and the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s in 2017. Nichols started the 2020 season with 529 wins. He equaled the career mark of Modified legend David Murray Jr., who had reigned as IMCA’s career wins leader since the 2005 season, by topping the Connie Jewett Memorial show at Dawson County Raceway.Murray, a driver Nichols has long respected, was in attendance that evening and was among those offering post-race congratulations.“We have worked very hard for this. After getting the win, it was a good time for reflection,” said Nichols, who set the new record two days before is 43rd birthday. “It was almost surreal. We looked back and asked ourselves how the heck did we do this? It’s something that will look amazing on any racing resume.”last_img read more

CNN president discusses digital media

first_imgCNN president Jeff Zucker talked to students at Wallis Annenberg Hall and denied rumors that he would be resigning as president of CNN. He also discussed the inner functionings of the news business.  (Ashley Lyu | Daily Trojan) Teddy Williams, a sophomore majoring in communication, disagreed with Zucker and said she considers Vice to be a credible news outlet and should not be disregarded due to its non-traditional approaches to news.  Morgan Stephens, a senior double-majoring in journalism and political science, asked how CNN attempts to approach objectivity in journalism, especially with public criticism of CNN’s inclination to show liberal and conservative views of an issue.  “I really like Vice,” Williams said. “I think it especially creates entertaining ways to convey news to people who don’t take news in the traditional sense like reading newspapers or going online.” “I do think it is important, and I have gotten criticism for having people on our payroll and voices who are Republican voices, pro-Trump voices, and I defend them, and I think it is really important for two reasons. First of all, I don’t want to be MSNBC. MSNBC doesn’t really have any of those voices. I think that’s a mistake,” Zucker said. “Two, I think that if we don’t understand what Trump voters and supporters are saying and thinking … then we wake up the day after an election and are surprised that Donald Trump has been elected.” “What Donald Trump is doing in terms of denigrating media and journalism is incredibly destructive not just here at home, to destroying this institution that the United States is frankly built on, but it’s also giving license to authoritarian leaders around the world to mistreat, ignore, arrest and put in danger journalists around the world,” Zucker said. Once the floor was open to audience questions, Dan Toomey, a senior majoring in journalism who interned at CNN over the summer, asked Zucker for advice for students interested in pursuing a career in broadcast media even with it’s dwindling prevalence.  Bay asked about a 2016 interview with Variety when Zucker said he did not consider BuzzFeed and Vice “legitimate news organizations.”  The conversation also touched on the growing threats against journalists, not only in conflict-ridden areas abroad, but in the United States as well — specifically with the Trump administration.  Nearly 60 people attended a conversation with CNN president Jeff Zucker at Wallis Annenberg Hall Tuesday. Zucker discussed the inner workings of the news business, his experience leading CNN and his time as the former president and CEO of NBC Universal.center_img “In terms of broadcast news, and sports, live programming, I think that is going to sustain for the next five, 10 years,” Zucker said. “So if you have dreams of broadcast television news, pursue it and just do a great job. The key thing to being a good journalist is knowing how to how to report a story and telling the story.”  Aside from social media platforms, CNN is considered the number one source of digital news and information, according to a CNN Digital press release. To compete with social media’s information-sharing capabilities, Zucker has implemented a new system at CNN to focus on the technological and digital aspects of news media right from the hiring stage.  The event was hosted by the Center on Communication Leadership and Policy.  “We were only about hiring people who were editors and writers and producers. We didn’t hire people who understood technology, who knew how to write code,” Zucker said. “What we’ve been doing over the last two, three years and going forward will be [is hiring] people who understand technology.” Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism Dean Willow Bay started the conversation by addressing rumors that Zucker would be resigning as president of CNN, especially in light of a tweet made by President Donald Trump earlier in the month on the subject.  “I’m not resigning. That was actually fake news. So there’s no truth to that,” Zucker said. “There were all kinds of rumors … a couple of years ago that I was going to be fired from CNN. And I didn’t pay attention to those rumors at that time. So I don’t believe these rumors at this time, and I don’t pay attention to them now.” “I think that part of the back-and-forth that I’ve had with places like Vice and BuzzFeed is that … they’re always hitting up at us and they’re always trying to take shots at CNN, because they want to be mentioned in the same breath with us and they want to play in the big leagues,” Zucker said. “Has Vice and BuzzFeed done some good journalism? Yes. But on the whole, are they big, strong journalistic outlets? I don’t think they are. I think that they want to be, but they don’t have enough of the journalism and they don’t have enough of a business model to back it up.” ”It’s our obligation at CNN to call that out and hold them accountable and correct them, but I think not hearing from them is a disservice,” he added.last_img read more

Fan reactions to Tyus Battle reaching 1000 career points

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