Antarctic ice-shelf thickness from satellite radar altimetry

first_imgIce-shelf thickness is an important boundary condition for ice-sheet and sub-ice-shelf cavity modelling. It is required near the grounding line to calculate the ice flux used to determine ice-sheet mass balance by comparison with the upstream accumulation. In this mass budget approach, theaccuracy of the ice thickness is one of the limiting factors in the calculation. We present a satelliteretrieval of the ice thickness for all Antarctic ice shelves using satellite radar altimeter data from thegeodetic phases of the European Remote-sensing Satellite (ERS-1) during 1994–95 supplemented by ICESat data for regions south of the ERS-1 latitudinal limit. Surface elevations derived from these instruments are interpolated on to regular grids using kriging, and converted to ice thicknesses using a modelled firn-density correction. The availability of new spatial variable firn-density correctionsignificantly reduces the error in ice thickness as this was previously the dominant error source.Comparison to airborne data shows good agreement, particularly when compared to SOAR CASERTZdata on the largest ice shelves. Biases range from –13.0m for areas where the assumption of hydrostaticequilibrium breaks down, to 53.4m in regions where marine ice may be present.last_img read more

Tetley moves into bakery market

first_imgTetley is to branch out into the world of bakery with the launch of Tetley Tea Folk Scones this week.Made under licence, by scone manufacturer Haywood & Padgett, the packs of four fruit scones launched in Asda yesterday (Monday 12 September).In addition to the scones, Tetley also has plans to launch a range of other edible products, including biscuits, which will be initially aimed at the convenience sector before seeking distribution to the major multiples, said the firm.“This is all about developing Tetley Tea Folk products that are the perfect accompaniment to enjoying, making or thinking about Tetley tea,” said Anand Gandesha, marketing manager for Tetley.“It is the first time we have leveraged the strength of the Tetley Tea Folk in this way and it will be exciting to see how it develops.”>>Scones score sales leadslast_img read more

Press release: Charity Commission announces suite of steps on safeguarding

first_img The Commission’s actions and messages over the past few years demonstrate the top priority we expect charities to give to safeguarding, and the priority we place on ensuring trustees meet their legal duties, and public expectations, around this. But recent revelations have shocked us all and brought a new focus on how charities deal with these issues. We want to do everything we can, using our authority as regulator, to ensure that safeguarding is prioritised in all charities – not just those working with groups traditionally considered at risk. That’s what these two summits are about. At the heart of all this lies culture, governance and leadership in charities. Policies, procedures and formal systems – vital as they are – do not alone prevent safeguarding incidents, or ensure charities respond appropriately when incidents occur. The public rightly expect charities to be safe places, and for charity leaders to ensure their organisation lives its values, in everything they do. New Charity Commission taskforce to handle the recent increase in safeguarding incident reportsThe Commission is establishing a taskforce, including staff from across the Commission, to deal with the increased volume of safeguarding serious incident reports which it is already experiencing since the Oxfam story first appeared. The team will also undertake proactive work to ensure prompt and full reporting of serious safeguarding incidents, and give advice to charities reporting safeguarding incidents on appropriate actions. In addition the team will undertake a ‘deep dive’ of existing serious incident reporting records to ensure any gaps in full and frank disclosure are identified and necessary follow up actions, for charities or the regulator, have been completed. We will intervene in serious cases where we are concerned that trustees are not fulfilling their legal duties.Is is also reissuing its previous alert to all charities emphasising the importance of full and frank disclosure.Helen Stephenson said: Both summits will involve charity regulators in Scotland and Northern Ireland to ensure a coordinated approach across borders.Helen Stephenson CBE, Chief Executive of the Charity Commission said: Key recent work on safeguarding by regulator The Charity Commission is the regulator of charities in England and Wales. On 15 February 2018, the Commission set out the scope of its inquiry into Oxfam. Reports detailing the conclusions and outcomes of the Commission’s case work can be found on GOV.UK. On February 12, the Secretary of State for International Development issued a statement setting out a series of measures to tackle sexual exploitation and abuse, and wrote to UK charities working overseas funded by the Department, calling on them to step up and do more on these issues. Yesterday (16 February) she issued a further statement which is available on GOV.UK. Contact details: 020 7023 0600. Safeguarding alert issued in December 2017 warning charities to a) report incidents now if they have failed to in the past and b) review their safeguarding policy and procedures if they have not done so in the last 12 months. The Commission will reissue that alert to all charities emphasising the importance of full and frank disclosure. Press office Safeguarding strategy updated in December 2017: the new strategy makes clear that safeguarding is a key governance priority for all charities, not just those working with groups traditionally considered vulnerable. It also says charities must “provide a safe and trusted environment which safeguards anyone who comes into contact with it including beneficiaries, staff and volunteers”. Following alerts we issued in December 2017, and the recent public concerns following the events with Oxfam, we are already seeing increased reporting by charities, including historic incidents. While I am confident of the Commission’s record on tackling issues which have been fully and frankly reported, I want to be 100% certain that we have done everything in our power to ensure reports we received, including those which we have cause to believe may be incomplete or inadequate, were properly handled, ensure follow up and to give regulatory advice to charities on the right actions to take. The team’s work will reassure us, and the public, that charities have and are being transparent and open with the regulator, and that we are holding charities properly to account. It goes without saying that we will deal swiftly and robustly with concerns that this work discovers. Guidance on reporting serious incidents – updated in September 2017. This followed a consultation with charities. In publishing the new guidance, the Commission highlighted its concerns that charities continue to underreport incidents. EndsNotes to editors Additional safeguarding expertiseIn addition to its existing engagement with various safeguarding experts in charities and across partner agencies, the regulator will also use independent experts on safeguarding, both in the international context and in the UK, to advise and support the work of the taskforce, the investigations team leading the Oxfam inquiry, and the two charity summits.The Commission continues to work closely with other government departments, including DfID, law enforcement, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), and other agencies with specific safeguarding responsibilities such as the Care Quality Commission and social services, to ensure each accesses the right expertise and shares information appropriately, in order to strengthen the work across government to identify and respond to concerns about safeguarding in charities.Communication with informantsHelen Stephenson has also said she wants the organisation to review the way in which it communicates with informants who raise serious regulatory concerns that result in regulatory action.She said: It has become clear to me over the past week or so that whistle-blowers who come to us with serious concerns about charities are not always made aware of the difference their reports have made. That can’t be right. People who make what is often a brave decision to come to the regulator with important information, should, where appropriate, be reassured that we have acted on their concerns. So I want us to look carefully at the way in which we communicate with those who bring vital information to us that leads to serious regulatory action. establish a shared understanding of the safeguarding challenges facing charities working in the UK and emphasise the importance of maintaining public trust in the sector hear the sector’s ideas for solutions and what actions they are taking and will take agree and commit to actions jointly and individually to strengthen the safeguarding capability and capacity of charities working across the UK Safeguarding alert issued in October 2017 to newly registered veterans charities, following a proactive case-working project which highlighted concerns around safeguarding in some newly registered military charities. Annual report on compliance case work published in February 2018 – report highlights growing case work involving safeguarding issues, and reminds charities to prioritise safeguarding in their charities. Email [email protected] The Charity Commission has announced a suite of measures to help ensure charities learn the wider lessons from recent safeguarding revelations involving Oxfam and other charities, and to strengthen public trust and confidence in charities.Summit on safeguarding in UK charitiesThe Secretary of State for International Development has already announced a joint DfID/Charity Commission safeguarding summit with charities and umbrella bodies working internationally.As the Commission has consistently made clear, the need to strengthen and assure safeguarding is not limited to charities working internationally. The Charity Commission is therefore announcing today a second summit for charities and umbrella bodies working in the UK, to be co-chaired by the Minister for Civil Society, Tracey Crouch MP.The summit will be an opportunity to reaffirm how vital it is that safeguarding is a key governance priority for charities, and to:last_img read more

John Scofield, Robert Glasper & More Took Miles Davis’s Voice And Made It Into An Awesome Song

first_imgRenowned jazz musician Robert Glasper is set to release his tribute to Miles Davis, titled Everything’s Beautiful, on May 27th. In anticipation, Glasper has shared one exciting cut from the new album; a track entitled “I’m Leaving You.”“I’m Leaving You” features work from John Scofield and Ledisi, and was entirely inspired by a recording of Davis saying a three-word phrase, “wait a minute.” The whole album blends Davis’s extensive body of work, including outtakes and master recordings, to put together something new and beautiful. Glasper explains his thought process behind “I’m Leaving You” in the premiere article featured in Essence.“I found a clip of Miles saying “wait a minute”—just that simple phrase—and it had so much of his classic swag in it, and it had such a rhythm, I decided to build that whole track around that and that’s how it started,” said Glasper. “After that it was a real group thing: (Ledisi) wrote the lyric, my man Black Milk took a Lenny White drum pattern and chopped it up for the beat, and that’s John Scofield—who is our direct link to Miles for this project, having been in his ’80s band. That brought it full circle. I love the R&B uplift this track gives the whole project!”Listen to “I’m Leaving You” below:Glasper commented on the whole album as well, saying “I like that this whole record has a smoky, late-night vibe that is consistent through almost all the tracks but that really just happened naturally. No one told anyone what tempo or mood to go for, so the track with Ledisi really stands out. You know she’s a super jazz geek anyway, and can sing the heads of almost any bop tune you want to name. I’ve seen her do it!”The full album features contributions from Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Hiatus Kaiyote, Bilal, Illa J and so many more, in celebration of what would have been Davis’s 90th birthday. You can read about it here.last_img read more

‘Lizards’ In The Rain: Phish Restores The Faith In Hartford [Videos/Photos/Review]

first_imgSETLIST: Phish | XFINITY Theatre | Hartford, CT | 7/9/16 | Photos by Andrew Blackstein Load remaining images As if ever there was any doubt, Phish put their critics in line with what was, hands down, their best performance of summer 2016. Sometimes we need that one show, a special moment in time, to remind us fans just what it is they love about Phish. Last night was that show.It seemed that the SPAC run of shows were “fun,” an optimistic way of saying that any Phish is good Phish, but yeah, we’ve known better Phish. That sentiment was in the rear-view mirror after last night’s performance at the XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, CT. With a “YEM” that featured Page McConnell and Mike Gordon swapping instruments, flawless versions of Gamehendge classics “Tela” and “The Lizards,” and some major jams all in the same show, well, it reaffirmed the band’s true greatness. It was really a one-of-a-kind celebration.The show started modestly enough, with the third-ever and second “Pigtail” of the summer. The Trey Anastasio penned tune was a confusing start, never really taking hold with the audience, but “The Moma Dance” brought them right in it. It was no SPAC “Moma,” but it didn’t need to be. Tight and funky, the jam took off and never looked back.“Birds Of A Feather” kept that energy high and included a “They Attack” quote from “The Birds,” but it was really the song “Meat” that signaled the start of a special show. The Mike Gordon-led tune made its first funky appearance of the year, taking hold with its stop and go composition. The band kept the tour debuts coming with “Vultures,” yet another relative rarity played for the first time this year. The band executed the song to perfection, though somewhat awkwardly segued into “Free.” The “Free” jam was loose and rocking, getting into the groove before a unique coda section from Anastasio ended the song.The next song was the biggest bust out of the night, as Phish brought out “Let Me Lie” for the first time since August 10, 2010 (229 shows). The slower song made its first appearance with the Trey Anastasio Band, and Phish dabbled with it throughout the earliest days of the 3.0 era. It was fitting for the set’s cool down moment to be a major bust out highlight in its own right, and also fitting for its lyrical message.The set cruised on with great versions of “Halley’s Comet” and “Julius,” but it was the set closer that really wowed. For the first time in two years, Phish put their opus “You Enjoy Myself” in the first set. They really let the song breathe too, concluding the composed sections with an excellent and playful jam session, starting with Anastasio on the Marimba Lumina behind drummer Jon Fishman. With Anastasio plugging away, Gordon and McConnell switched instruments, allowing the keyboardist to stand before the crowd and rock on the bass. The jam eventually came to a gradual conclusion, ushering in a wild vocal jam to cap off the set.It’s worth mentioning that the skies threatened rain throughout this entire performance, with some speculating that the seemingly-longer-than-usual first set was a precaution against any incoming storms. While a light mist flowed in and out throughout the first set, the rain would remain a threat throughout the set break and second half of the show.Though Anastasio teased the opening chords to “Tela” upon first picking up his guitar, it was Gordon who brought in the opening notes of “Down With Disease.” This unfinished version was the improvisational highlight of the night, as Phish did what they do best: jammed. At times light and melodic, at times dark and energetic, the jam clocked in at a full 18-minutes and came to a natural conclusion. “Sand” picked things back up with some old fashioned funk, before the band brought out their first taste of Gamehendge for the night in “Tela.” The McConnell-led song was executed flawlessly, as fans looked on with bewilderment.The winds from beyond the mountain swept into “Carini,” as the raging rocker also signaled a gradual crescendo of precipitation. The “Carini” itself moved from its dark progression to a lighthearted jam, which in turn segued into “Twenty Years Later.” The Joy track kept the energy flowing, and the band and rain both picked up during an energetic “Run Like An Antelope.” Not much needs to be said about “Antelope;” it was its usual rocking self. The set closed with a beautiful version of “Backwards Down The Number Line,” a song that inspires mixed feelings from fans. With a moderate rain falling from the skies, this was quite a euphoric set-ender.As the rain continued to fall upon the lawn, Phish returned for an encore, bringing fans to their knees from the opening notes of “The Lizards.” An absolute fan favorite, the unexpected song was an absolutely perfect ending to a top tier performance. The song was played eloquently, as Anastasio confidently navigated the song’s wordy lyrics and final melody with ease. The rain fell through the song, but its presence only enhanced the experience, as if the weather was the “hose” manifested.To end the show, the band brought out their only cover of the night, a rendition of The Rolling Stones’ “Loving Cup.” Some fans are vocal about their lukewarm feelings toward “Loving Cup” encores–always a seemingly “safe” choice from the band. But after “The Lizards,” this particular cup went down just right, serving as a perfect exclamation point on a top-notch show.You can watch high quality crowd-shot footage from the show below via YouTube user LazyLightning55a:“Free”“Carini”“Tela”“The Lizards”“Loving Cup”SETLIST: Phish | XFINITY Theatre | Hartford, CT | 7/9/16Set 1: Pigtail, The Moma Dance, Birds of a Feather, Meat, Vultures > Free, Let Me Lie, Halley’s Comet > Julius, You Enjoy Myself[1]Set 2: Down with Disease[2] > Sand > Tela, Carini > Twenty Years Later > Run Like an Antelope > Backwards Down the Number LineEncore: The Lizards, Loving Cup[1] Trey on Marimba Lumina, Page on bass, Mike on keys for portion of the jam.[2] Unfinished.Notes: The Birds was quoted at the end of BOAF. Let Me Lie was last performed on August 10, 2010 (229 shows). Portions of the YEM jam featured Trey on Marimba Lumina, Mike on keys, and Page on bass. DWD was unfinished.[Photos courtesy of Andrew Scott Blackstein Photography]As Phish gears up for their 13-night “Baker’s Dozen” run at Madison Square Garden later this month, Live For Live Music has put together an extensive schedule of late-night shows to keep the party going until the wee hours throughout the NYC residency. Check out our Official Guide To Baker’s Dozen Late-Nights for all the details.last_img read more

Watch WSP’s Jojo Hermann Join MMJ’s Carl Broemel For Faces, Neil Young Covers

first_imgLast weekend, the worlds of beloved bands My Morning Jacket and Widespread Panic collided at The Basement East in Nashville, TN, when WSP keyboardist John “Jojo” Hermann joined guitarist Carl Broemel’s set for an extended guest appearance. Broemel has been touring behind his recently-released solo album 4th Of July, and his band made their way to the Nashville venue. Hermann, a native to Tennessee, made his way over to the venue for the intimate performance.The show opened with Broemel’s band playing a full set, before leaving the guitarist to play two songs by himself. When the band returned, Hermann was in tow, joining in for a three song run to close out the show. The band opened with original song “Different People,” before closing out the show with two covers: The Faces’ “Ooh La La” and Neil Young’s “Like A Hurricane.” Fortunately, thanks to some fans in the audience, we can watch videos of this exciting show!Check out videos for the two cover songs, streaming below!Ooh La La (via Justin Damron, partial)Like A Hurricane (via Heavy Pedal Productions)last_img read more

Turkuaz Releases Pro-Shot Live Video Of “Percy Thrills, The Moondog” [Watch]

first_imgTurkuaz has shared a brand new live video of “Percy Thrills, The Moondog,” a tune that originally appeared on their most recent album, Digitonium. The pro-shot video was recorded during the nine-piece funk ensemble’s December 30, 2017 show at New Haven, CT’s College Street Music Hall (part of the band’s 2017 New Year’s run).Turkuaz – “Percy Thrills, The Moondog” (Live at College Street Music Hall)Turkuaz’s new video comes one day before the band kicks off its summer festival season with a performance at the Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI. Their summer festival schedules includes performances at the High Sierra Music Festival, Peach Music Festival, Telluride Jazz Festival, and Lockn’. They’re also slated to open for Greensky Bluegrass when the jamgrass outfit headlines Colorado’s famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre on September 23rd.Here’s a look at Turkuaz’s upcoming tour dates:Turkuaz Tour Dates:06/23 Rothbury, MI: Electric Forest Festival06/29 Rothbury, MI: Electric Forest Festival07/05 Quincy, CA: High Sierra Music Festival07/06 Quincy, CA: High Sierra Music Festival07/08 Marshfield, MA: Levitate Music & Arts Festival07/13 Lone Tree, IA: Camp Euphoria07/14 Madison, WI: Fete de Marquette Festival07/15 Veneta, OR: Oregon County Fair07/19 Scranton, PA: Peach Music Festival07/27 Buffalo, NY: Cobblestone Live08/02 Thornsville, OH: Werk Out Festival08/04 Telluride, CO: Telluride Jazz Festival08/05 Crested Butte, CO: Big Mine Ice Arena08/24 Arrington, VA: Lock’n Festival09/23 Morrison, CO: Red Rocks Amphitheatre~10/12 Mount Vernon, KY: Moonshiner’s Ball10/28 Live Oak, FL: Suwanee Hulaween01/15-22/19 Miami, FL: Jam Cruise~ w/ Greenskly Bluegrasslast_img read more

Telluride Blues & Brews Expands 2019 Lineup: John Fogerty, Ms. Hy-C & Fresh Start, More

first_imgThe 26th annual Telluride Blues & Brews Festival will return to Telluride, CO’s Town Park this fall on September 13th-15th, 2019.On Thursday, the beloved late-summer festival expanded their 2019 lineup with the addition of headliner John Fogerty, joining previously announced headliners Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band and Boz Scaggs. Other additions include International Blues Challenge Winner Ms Hy-C and Fresh Start, Joanna Connor Band, Husky & The Slow Attack, Eagle Eye Williamson, Grant Sabin and the Juke Joint Highball (solo) with Michael Jennings, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, along with stand-up comedians Debra DiGiovanni, Caleb Synan, Troy Walker, Candice Thompson, and David Stocker.As previously announced, Telluride Blues & Brews will see performances by Anders Osborne, Ryan Bingham, Tab Benoit, Hiss Golden Messenger, The Allman Betts Band, Samantha Fish, Ruthie Foster, Durand Jones & The Indicators, Cedric Burnside, Phil Cook, The Como Mamas, Otis Taylor’s Psychedelic Banjo Posse, Southern Avenue, Low Cut Connie, Ida Mae, Willie Farmer, Jake Xerxes Fussell, Cookie McGee, Sandra Hall, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Mitch Woods, and Alex Paul and The Birds Of Play.Various ticket packages are now on sale here for Telluride Blues & Brews’ 2019 event.last_img read more launches company-wide employee training and development

first_imgSource: August 31, 2009, BURLINGTON, VT–, the global leader of online marketing solutions for the automotive industry, today announced the launch of comprehensive employee training and development programs. Already renowned for keeping auto dealership clients two to four years ahead of the competition, the new training initiatives further ensure that team members lead the industry in knowledge and skills at all levels of the organization. The customized, unrivaled training programs are also designed to preserve the company’s unique culture and provide growth opportunities for all employees. This extensive investment in development benefits auto dealership customers of all sizes and types, by ensuring thought and service leadership throughout the organization.Central to the development initiative is uFuel,’s new online learning management system, selected and implemented over the last 14 months. The technologically innovative system was specifically designed to assess staff knowledge and skills at all levels of the organization, including executive. The analysis is then used to provide training to raise the overall knowledge level of the company and consistently provide the industry’s best service and technology. uFuel contains interactive simulations, measures success and knowledge gaps, and creates training programs for areas of improvement.All new employees also participate in an extensive training program, designed around the new uFuel standards of excellence. Based on this training, new employees achieve Pro-level certification. This training and certification ensures that all employees have extensive knowledge of the automotive industry, leading online marketing strategies and techniques, and dealership best practices. Further, all current employees are scheduled to reach Pro-level certification by the end of 2009. Recertification will then be required on an ongoing basis to reflect technology and industry is also launching the innovative new Leadership Development Program in conjunction with a grant from the state of Vermont and a partnership with Champlain College business school. This exclusive, customized management training has been in development for the past 16 months. The inaugural program begins this fall and will include high-potential staff members who will engage in 52 weeks of MBA-level course work, tailored to maintain’s unique culture. The management program will develop the company’s future leaders internally and ensure the highest level of management quality throughout the organization.”We have the best and brightest employees in the industry and take pride in our strategic technology and marketing leadership. We have a proactive approach to providing training to make sure that every employee offers our customers the best industry knowledge and service,” commented Mike Lane, COO. “Our training and development programs are yet another initiative to keep our dealers ahead of the competition.”About ( is external)) is the global leader in online marketing solutions for the automotive industry, providing award winning e-marketing solutions to OEMs, auto dealers and media companies.  More of the nation’s top 125 auto groups use for their online marketing than any other provider.  Recent national and international accolades include: The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, top ranking in The Net Promoter® Score Survey of customer satisfaction, Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 and the Web Marketing Association’s Automobile Standard of Excellence. In addition, was the 2008 top rated web provider on leading online rating websites, as well as the Gold Award winner from the Dealers’ choice awards for best dealer website solutions.last_img read more

Rock Art Brewery to release limited edition beer to benefit Pete’s Greens

first_imgRock Art Brewery,On March 9, 2011 Rock Art Brewery will be releasing a limited edition beer to raise money for Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, Vermont. In January a fire erupted and destroyed years of hard work, innovation, and purpose. This handcrafted beer created by brew master Matt Nadeau will be sold throughout the state to restaurants and retailers, raising proceeds and awareness. ‘Matt and I strongly believe in eating local foods, we admire what Pete is doing, and also every person involved in the VT Fresh Network,’ said Renee Nadeau of Rock Art Brewery. The devastating fire reduced the main barn, washhouse, and root cellar to ashes. As fundraising efforts continue, the Barn Raising Brown Ale was created to remind Vermonters that this farm still needs our help. When was the last time you bought a beer and helped rebuild a barn?Vermont Artist Jess Graham donated her time and energy to create a dynamic label with her signature style.  When describing her art Jess fittingly says, ‘I hope it helps shake out the dust in your body, mind, and soul like a good beer and a long hard laugh.’ As a long time supporter of the local food scene she felt a giant void when hearing of the fire and volunteered at once.Rock Art Brewery will be donating all profits from the Barn Raising Brown Ale to Pete’s Greens. Additionally, Calmont Beverage and G. Housen Distributors will both be donating $2 for each case sold to retailers. New England Label out of Barre, VT has given significant discounts on a limited batch of labels. Retailers and restaurants can sell the beer as they wish but are encouraged to use the beer in their own Pete’s Greens promotion. Besides 330 cases of 22oz bottles there will be 8 kegs of the limited libation. For any questions please contact Renee Nadeau at Rock Art Brewery at (802) 888-9400. For wholesale inquiries please contact Calmont Beverage at (802) 223-3281 or G. Housen Distributors at (800) 240-6287.last_img read more