Doug Ford replaces brother in Mayors race

(Updated)It’s a new chapter in Toronto politics. Mayor Rob Ford announced he will not be running for the position as he deals with serious health issues. But his brother Doug will.Also, Mayor Ford isn’t getting out of the political life entirely.It’s a new chapter in Toronto politics.  Mayor Rob Ford announced he will not be running for the position as he deals with serious health issues.  But his brother Doug will.Also, Mayor Ford isn’t getting out of the political life entirely.It was a very busy day at Toronto City Hall.  A shake up in the race for mayor.  City council contenders dropping out.  Others filing at the last minute.  And they all had one name in common — Rob Ford.  Here’s how things unfolded today.This morning Doug Ford visited his brother Rob Ford at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.  When asked how his brother was, he said his brother was doing well.But just moments later, papers were filed at city hall, withdrawing Rob Ford name from the mayor’s race.  In a written statement, Rob Ford said:“I could be facing a battle of my lifetime, and I want the people of Toronto to know that I intend to face this challenge head on, and win.  My heart is heavy when I tell you that I’m unable to continue my campaign for re-election as your mayor.  While I’m unable to commit to the heavy schedule required for a mayoral candidate, I will not turn my back on Ward 2. I will be running as councillor of Ward 2.”Rob Ford was admitted to hospital Wednesday with what is being called a ‘fair-size’ tumour.Paula Fletcher, Toronto City Councillor had this to say:  “I know we’ve had our differences on the waterfront when he tried to give the waterfront away and put the mega mall and the monorail and the Ferris wheel down there.  So I don’t think he’s got the credibility that his brother has.  But he does have the Ford name so we’ll have to wait and see.  But I think most people today are thinking about Rob and what the situation is with him.  It’s obviously a very serious situation with our current mayor and I think everyone is wishing him well no matter who they are.”It will not be the end of politics for Rob Ford.  He has filed papers to run in Ward 2.  He had held that seat previously for 10 years.  But to do that, his nephew Michael Ford had to withdraw his name from the race.  He is running as a school board trustee.But just before 2 o’clock today, Doug Ford filed his nomination papers at city hall to run for mayor.  And all of this was brought about by the mayor’s health status.  He had an MRI at Mount Sinai Hospital today.  A CT scan an ultrasound and a biopsy yesterday.  We’re expecting the results of all of those tests to come next week. (Update)“He told me that he needed me to take the torch while he focuses on getting better.”At a news conference surrounded by his family this evening — Doug Ford talked about his reasons for running for mayor after conversations in the last couple of days with his brother Rob. Rob ford remains in hospital — where doctors are trying to determine whether or not a large tumour found in his abdomen this week is cancerous or not. Because of his brother’s illness, Ford showed up at city hall today and officially entered the mayoral campaign — just before the 2pm deadline. This evening he talked about what he plans to do now: “I want to continue to serve this great city and you fine folks. Over the past 4 years, we’ve taken big steps together. We’ve made the city work better for you, to serve you and not the special interest groups, and the privileged few.”Ford says he won’t be in full campaign mode until Monday — as he wants to spend time with his family this weekend as they support Rob Ford who remains in hospital. read more