Madrid hotel transformed into coronavirus hospital

first_img‘Not enough beds’ The hotels will be staffed by young doctors who have yet to earn their specialization.Elena Guijarro, a 25-year-old physiotherapist whose father died on Wednesday from coronavirus and whose mother and brother are being treated for the disease at the Gregorio Maranon hospital, said turning the hotel into a care facility would help.”They are doing their best at the hospital. But more and more people are being hospitalized and there are not enough beds for all the sick people,” she added.As the pandemic spreads, officials around the world from New York City to Berlin are weighing converting entire hotels into hospitals for patients with COVID-19 in an effort to increase capacity at medical facilities.But not everyone agreed with the move. Spain’s largest trade union confederation, the CCOO, argues the government should instead use the thousands of beds that are available in private hospitals and boost funding for public hospitals. Hoteliers have offered regional authorities the use of a total of 40 hotels in the Madrid region with 9,000 beds to treat coronavirus patients, according to Madrid’s main hotel association.The hotels will be used to house patients “whose symptoms require medical attention without the need to be hospitalized, both at the start of the disease as well as during the final phase,” the regional government statement said.Spain on Thursday announced that deaths from the novel coronavirus had jumped by nearly 30 percent over the past 24 hours to 767, while the total number of confirmed cases of the disease jumped by around 25 percent to 17,147.Madrid accounts for 40 percent of the total infections in Spain and two-thirds of the deaths.Spain has the fourth-highest number of confirmed cases of the virus in the word after China, Italy and Iran and many of its hotels are being emptied by the pandemic. A steady stream of ambulances transported patients to the Gran Hotel Colon, which is in the center of Madrid, about a 10-minute walk from the Gregorio Maranon hospital, one of the Spanish capital’s biggest.Medical staff wearing white protective suits, face masks and gloves then began escorting patients inside the building under the glare of TV cameras which were kept at a distance.”A week ago we could never imagine this,” Angela Perez, a 45-year-old area resident, said as she walked by with her shopping trolley along the deserted streets of the city which, like the rest of the country, has been in lockdown since Saturday to prevent the spread of the virus.Another four-star Madrid hotel, the Marriott Auditorium, is scheduled to start receiving patients on Friday. Topics : Doctors wearing face masks on Thursday welcomed patients to a four-star Madrid hotel which was transformed into a care facility for people with mild cases of coronavirus.The 359-room Gran Hotel Colon is the first in Spain to be repurposed to treat people infected with the virus but the regional government of Madrid plans to turn more empty hotels into healthcare facilities over the coming days.This will help “alleviate the pressure” on hospitals which are starting to become overcrowded and free up beds for more seriously ill patients, the regional government of Madrid said in a statement.last_img read more

Mauritius dodges second oil spill as fuel pumped from stricken ship

first_imgWildlife jewel Fresh cracks appeared in the hull this week near the fuel reservoirs, spurring fears that the Wakashio could soon split up and inflict irreversible damage on the archipelago’s fragile marine ecosystem.The ship struck a reef at Pointe d’Esny, an ecological treasure fringed by idyllic beaches, colorful reefs, sanctuaries for rare and endemic wildlife, and protected wetlands.Aerial images showed huge stretches of crystal-clear seas around the marooned cargo ship stained an inky black.Pressure has mounted on the government to explain why it did not act earlier, with calls for the fisheries and environment ministers to resign, and volunteers angrily defying official orders to stay away from the clean-up site.Mauritius and its 1.3 million inhabitants depend crucially on the sea for food and ecotourism, having fostered a reputation as a conservation success story and a world-class destination for nature lovers.The spill is a double blow for tourist operators who had hoped foreign tourists could soon return.The country has no active cases of coronavirus and had declared a wary victory after a long stretch without any new infections, but its borders remain closed. “It was a race against the clock, and I salute the excellent work to prevent another oil spill,” said Jugnauth, who added that another 100 tons still remained elsewhere aboard the Japanese-owned ship.”The weather was calm and it helped the pumping exercise, it also prevented the breakup of the boat, which is inevitable.”Mauritius declared an unprecedented environmental emergency last week as the Wakashio, which ran aground on July 25, began seeping oil into a protected marine park boasting unspoiled coral reefs, mangrove forests and endangered species.Jugnauth said the “ecological crisis” was beyond the scope of the tiny Indian Ocean nation, and appealed for urgent international help.  France and Japan were among those to answer the call, along with thousands of ordinary Mauritians who volunteered day and night to clean sludge from the picturesque tropical coastline to which their economy is deeply tied.Jugnauth acknowledged there was “still a lot of work to do” assessing and cleaning up the damage, but refused to take responsibility for the disaster.”How did I do wrong?” he said, adding bad weather hindered efforts to pump oil from the ship earlier.”We did everything right from the start. We were told that the risks of an oil spill were very low. The experts convinced us otherwise.”Police have launched an investigation into the accident and have seized the black box, log book and other items of interest from the vessel as part of their inquiries. Mauritius avoided a second catastrophic oil spill Wednesday after salvage crews pumped the remaining fuel from the tanks of a cargo ship that ran aground off its coast, imperiling world-famous wildlife sanctuaries.The stricken vessel threatens to break apart after more than two weeks stranded on a reef, where it leaked more than 1,000 tons of fuel into pristine seas.Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth said “all the fuel” had been pumped from reservoirs beneath the MV Wakashio bulk carrier, dodging what experts warned would been a crippling blow to an island nation popular with honeymooners and ecotourists. Topics :last_img read more

Tens of thousands rally against Belarus president in ‘people’s inauguration’

first_imgLukashenko retorted that, under Macron’s logic, the French leader should have resigned two years ago when the “yellow vest” protest for economic justice began and that mass demonstrations had become commonplace in France.He offered to help negotiate a peaceful transfer of power between Macron and those protesting against the French authorities.”As an experienced politician – to an immature one – I want to advise Mr. Macron to look around less, and instead finally deal with the internal affairs of France,” Lukashenko was quoted by the official Belta news agency as saying.Russia said the EU’s decision not to recognize Lukashenko as the legitimate president contradicted international law and amounted to indirect meddling in the country.Buoyed by the support from traditional ally Russia, the 66-year-old Lukashenko, a former Soviet collective farm manager who has been in power for over a quarter of a century, shows no inclination to resign.Police action prompts hacker retaliationRiot police pulled people out of crowds and hauled them away into vans, a Reuters witness said. Several metro stations were shut and the mobile internet disrupted. Some protesters wore fake crowns to mock Lukashenko’s inauguration.”We came to celebrate the people’s inauguration of the people’s president,” said Alexander, a 30-year-old logistics worker, while protesting in Minsk. “First he falsified the elections, and then he falsified the inauguration.”Police said they used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse “disobedient” protesters in the eastern city of Gomel, the Russian agency TASS reported.Local media footage showed masked security forces spraying a substance from a can into the faces of people in Gomel, while the protesters retreated shouting “fascists”. One detainee managed to escape from a prison van as people cheered.In Minsk, helmeted security forces went inside a pizzeria to detain someone as customers looked on.A group of anonymous hackers has started leaking the personal data of police officers in retaliation for the crackdown on protests since the election.On Sunday, it released another batch of data from more than 1,000 police stationed in Gomel in revenge for the treatment of the protesters there.The Belarusian government typically releases the data for the total number of people arrested on the day after a protest.Police detained 150 people during protests on Saturday, the interior ministry said.Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei on Saturday accused western countries preparing to impose new sanctions on Minsk of attempting to sow “chaos and anarchy”.Topics : Lukashenko denies electoral fraud and was inaugurated on Wednesday in a ceremony held without any prior announcement, sparking more protests and condemnation from the European Union, the United States and Britain.French President Emmanuel Macron said in comments in the French press Lukashenko must step aside.”We are witnessing a power crisis in Belarus with an authoritarian administration that is not able to accept the logic of democracy,” Macron told le Journal du Dimanche in comments published on Sunday.”It is clear that Lukashenko must go.” Masked police dragged people into vans and fired stun grenades and tear gas to disperse crowds as tens of thousands marched for a seventh straight weekend to demand veteran Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko quit.Protesters chanted “impostor” and “Sveta is our president” as they marched through Minsk and other cities decked out in red-and-white opposition colors. At least 200 people were detained, the interior ministry said.Some dubbed the protest a “people’s inauguration” of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Lukashenko’s main opponent who fled into exile after the Aug. 9 election that Lukashenko’s opponents say was blatantly rigged to hand Lukashenko a sixth term.last_img read more

UN PRI conference: The minefield of mining

first_imgThere is no denying that mining is one of the most controversial industries on the planet, which is why responsible investors have always been in hot pursuit of the company boards of mining companies. Whether they sought engagement with mining giant Rio Tinto over environmental pollution concerns, Indian mining company Vedanta over indigenous rights issues or gold producer Barrick over corporate governance issues – for many, mining companies are top of their engagement agenda.One of the most shocking events in the mining sector occurred in August 2012 when armed police shot dead dozens of striking miners at the South African Marikana mine. In total, 46 people lost their lives, and comparisons were swiftly made with the Sharpeville Massacre of the Apartheid regime in 1960.When I attended the ‘PRI in Person’ event in Cape Town last week, it became clear that mining remains a sore point in South Africa one year on from the Marikana shootings.The session on mining in Africa was the most tense I have ever experienced, and other attendees conveyed similar feelings to me afterwards. While people can agree or disagree on how transparent the mining sector is in comparison with other industries, the claim by one of the panel’s speakers that “apartheid had nothing to do with mining” was a bold statement to say the least. I was not alone in thinking the ghosts of the past had not been completely buried after leaving the session.White South Africans seemed to be very defensive when it comes to wages in the mining sector, arguing that miners earned relatively well and that it was their personal circumstances that needed improving because the majority of the workers lived in impoverished townships on the outskirts of cities. They were seeking a social wage rather than an absolute figure. Unions had too much power, some cried, and the labour force was too uneducated and too militant.I heard little from the other side.But Martin Kuskus, chairman of the Mineworkers’ Provident Fund, who spoke on the panel, said South Africa was one of the most unequal societies, with a sharp contrast between the haves and have-nots. And while he said mining was meant to narrow this inequality, the Marikana massacre just served to highlight the persisting stark inequality.One European pension fund that is used to engaging with mining companies from around the world said to me over lunch that, while there are plenty of issues in the mining sector globally, South Africa is the only country where the wages are a controversial issue.I take my hat off to the pension funds that engage on wages in the South African mining sector because engagement must be far from easy when, other issues such as pollution and water scarcity aside, you have to tiptoe around feelings of resentment almost 20 years onwards from the country’s first democratic general elections.However, Nina Hodzic, ESG specialist at ING Investment Management International, who visited the Lonmin (Marikana) mine following the conference, came away feeling a lot more positive. She said: “Staff training, community investing such as affordable housing and education are very important for miner Lonmin, as they lead to higher productivity of employees and subsequently a higher profitability for the company. Safety is extremely important to the company. This was very clear during the mine visit, as there were posters and other educational material hanging everywhere to remind the employees of the importance of adhering to safety rules. Lonmin has received various awards for safety achievements.”Hodzic added: “Interestingly, I have spoken to people in Johannesburg who were rather critical about the government, but were actually quite positive about the mining companies, as they provide jobs and invest in local communities, practically taking over the role of the government. One person even mentioned that the government regularly takes credit for what mining companies have done for the community. The mining industry is facing many challenges, but I am positive about its commitment to transformation, community development and improved environmental and social practices. More collaboration is needed between the government, local municipalities, companies, unions and local communities, taking into account the importance of the mining industry for South Africa’s economy.”The mining sector makes up 9% of South Africa’s GDP, but it is responsible for around 50% of export earnings. In addition, it has created more than 1m jobs, both directly and indirectly. In a country where youth unemployment is still above 50%, this makes it an important sector for the economy.Therefore, while the PRI event highlighted that South Africa and the other 53 sovereign states on the continent are not just resource countries, the mining sector remains crucial, at least for now.last_img read more

‘Horribly risky’ equity markets see relative risk of PE decline

first_img“Horribly risky” public markets are reducing the relative risk of private equity holdings, the UK’s largest local authority fund has argued.Neil Cooper, assistant executive director of investments at the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF), said many investors compared the risk posed by private equity with that of public market investments, but that the current state of the latter was “absolutely crazy”.Speaking at a fringe event on private equity at the annual conference of the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, formerly known as the National Association of Pension Funds, Cooper said recent “flash crashes” made him question how public markets were being traded.“If you say private equity is risky, that’s fine – it clearly is,” he said. “But the ready comparison in public markets is actually getting riskier, so, on a relative basis, it’s getting less risky compared with the public market equivalent.”He also spoke of the difficulty facing the GMPF in increasing exposure to the asset class, although he said the scheme was happy with its 5% strategic asset allocation.“Even in the last two years, where we’ve quite materially increased our commitment rate, the cash has come back quicker than it’s been going out,” Cooper said.“So that’s actually a trivial task to increase your exposure in an asset class, which is constantly recycling capital and sending it back.”He said the main challenge facing the fund was the difficulty in getting “large sums to work in private equity”.The GMPF, which last financial year achieved an investment return of 11.7%, has seen its assets increase to £17.6bn (€23.8bn), an increase of £4.3bn over the 12 months to March.last_img read more

UK roundup: £98bn saved in workplace pension schemes in 2019

first_imgEmployees in the UK saved £98.4bn (€86bn) across public and private sector workplace pension schemes last year, up by £5.3bn on the total amount saved the year before in 2019 earnings terms.Published by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) today, the statistics showed that the £98.4bn was saved by 19.2 million workers, 88% of the eligible employers.In 2012, when automatic enrolment kicked in, 8.5 million workers were saving.Experts hailed the statistics as a sign of the boost delivered by auto-enrolment, while expressing concern about the impact the economic ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic might have. “Close to eight years since auto-enrolment was introduced, today’s figures reveal how pivotal the scheme has been in encouraging people to engage with pension saving,” said Maike Currie, investment director at Fidelity International.“It’s encouraging to see high levels of participation among younger employees, with the gap in participation rates between age groups narrowing since 2012.”She also noted that the figures showed a growing number of women opting into schemes, with participation rates in the private sector one percentage point higher for women in 2019 for full-time employees.Helen Morrissey, pension specialist at Royal London, also said the new figures showed the positive impact auto-enrolment has had, and expressed hope that any coronavirus impact would be contained.“In the coming months we are likely to see huge job losses and those who remain in work may feel the need to reduce or even stop contributing to a pension,” she said. “While this is understandable during such uncertain times we hope it will be relatively short term and people must ensure they resume their pension saving so they don’t risk long term damage to their financial security in retirement.”The DWP statistics can be found here.MetLife enters UK longevity reinsurance marketMetropolitan Tower Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of US insurer MetLife, has carried out its first UK longevity reinsurance transaction.The deal is with Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC), covering around £280m of pension liabilities.“This is a positive development for both PIC and for market capacity as a whole”Khurram Khan, head of longevity risk at PIC“This transaction marks an important milestone in MetLife’s strategy and gives us the opportunity to apply our experience managing risk to a new market,” said Graham Cox, executive vice president and head of Retirement & Income Solutions at MetLife.“With this transaction, MetLife is establishing itself as a reinsurance solution for direct insurers in the UK.”Khurram Khan, head of longevity risk at PIC, said the transaction was “a positive development for both PIC and for market capacity as a whole”.Brunel chooses Macquarie for transition managementLocal authority pension pool Brunel Pension Partnership has appointed Macquarie’s portfolio solutions team to provide transition management solutions for a series of upcoming mandates.David Cox, head of listed market investments at Brunel said: “Macquarie was an excellent choice from a competitive tender process for our upcoming transitions.“Having partnered with them extensively, they have become a trusted transition partner for our clients.”David Goodman, head of Macquarie’s portfolio solutions business in EMEA, said: “The asset pooling currently being undertaken by the UK’s local government pension schemes is the largest movement of assets in the industry to date.“Given the heightened market volatility we are currently seeing, we’re pleased to partner with Brunel again and help their clients navigate these increasingly uncertain times.”Looking for IPE’s latest magazine? Read the digital edition here.last_img read more

Irene bearing down on Bahamas

first_img 17 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share Tweet NewsRegional Irene bearing down on Bahamas by: – August 24, 2011center_img Share Share Hurricane Irene passing through the Turks and Caicos Islands on Tuesday evening. NHC/NOAA visible imageMIAMI, USA — At 8:00 pm EDT on Tuesday, the centre of Hurricane Irene was located about 50 miles west-southwest of Grand Turk and about 90 miles east of Great Inagua, moving toward the west-northwest near 9 mph.According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, this general motion is expected to continue through Tuesday night, followed by a turn toward the northwest on Wednesday. On the forecast track, the core of Irene will continue to impact the Turks and Caicos Islands during Tuesday evening and move near or over the southeastern and central Bahamas later Tuesday night and Wednesday, and near or over the northwestern Bahamas on Thursday.Maximum sustained winds remain near 90 mph, with higher gusts, making Irene a category one hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Strengthening is forecast during the next 48 hours and Irene could become a major hurricane Wednesday night or Thursday.According to the latest local reports from the Turks and Caicos Islands, at 7:00 pm the centre of Irene was approaching Providenciales, which was expecting a direct hit and was already experiencing heavy rains and 70+ mph winds, with a storm surge of between 4 to 5 feet.Power was out throughout the territory and downed lines were reported in Blue Hills on Providenciales.Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 40 miles from the centre of Irene and tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 205 miles. The latest minimum central pressure recently reported by a NOAA hurricane hunter plane was 969 mb (28.61 inches).Hurricane conditions will continue to spread over the Turks and Caicos Islands during Tuesday evening. Tropical storm conditions will spread over the southeastern Bahamas during Tuesday evening, with hurricane conditions expected overnight. Tropical storm conditions are forecast to reach the central Bahamas late Tuesday night, with hurricane conditions expected by Wednesday. Tropical storm conditions are expected in the northwestern Bahamas by late Wednesday, with hurricane conditions expected by Thursday.In areas of onshore flow near the centre of Irene an extremely dangerous storm surge will raise water levels by as much as 7 to 11 feet above normal tide levels over the central and northwestern Bahamas and by as much as 5 to 8 feet above normal tide levels over the southeastern Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Near the coast, the surge will be accompanied by large and dangerous waves. A storm surge will raise water levels by as much as 2 to 4 feet above normal tide levels along the north coast of Haiti.Irene is expected to produce additional rainfall accumulations of 1 to 3 inches across Puerto Rico and Hispaniola. Isolated maximum storm total amounts of 15 inches are possible in association with Irene. These rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mud slides in areas of steep terrain. Rainfall accumulations of 6 to 12 inches are expected in the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands.A hurricane warning is in effect for the Turks and Caicos Islands, southeastern, central and northwestern Bahamas. A tropical storm warning is in effect for the north coast of Haiti from Le Mole St Nicholas eastward to the Dominican Republic border.Caribbean News Nowlast_img read more

Novel Idea

first_imgWhat about this idea–the NCAA allowing basketball games during only one semester a year?  This would mean that the student athlete would have to go to school a full semester and pass before he ever played.  One faction wants this for freshmen only while others propose this for all players.  This would put the “student” back in “student athlete”.The second idea involves football.  It would be to remove the 12th game from the football schedule and go back to the 11-game slate.  All games would have to be played on Saturday and only on campus.  No neutral sites, no weekday games, and no special venues until the playoffs.Do either of these ideas have a chance?  Not a snowball’s chance in a furnace.  This would mean less TV money, less money in general, and not getting to play in exotic locations.  No college president who wants to keep his job would vote for such a proposal.last_img read more

Allardyce defends Hammers challenge

first_img The Hammers are unhappy that the England striker’s ban – a consequence of being sent off against Swansea last week – was not overturned, and have taken their case to an independent arbitral tribunal in the pursuit of “justice”. Co-owner David Gold said on Thursday that his club were seeking “legal redress” over the matter, although a statement on West Ham’s official website on Friday morning ruled out any sort of court action. Press Association West Ham manager Sam Allardyce is certain the club have acted appropriately by challenging the Football Association’s decision to uphold Andy Carroll’s three-match suspension. “The second thing is: did he have a clear view and clear eye line of the incident? Howard had just watched it in his dressing room when I went to talk to him. And so that’s a great piece of evidence to say, ‘Did you see clearly what had happened?’. “My next question was, ‘Who made the decision?’. His answer was he did and he didn’t use assistance from fourth official or the assistant referees. “So we based our whole appeal on that scenario and for me the conclusion could only have been that he felt that even though he hadn’t seen it 100 per cent, he was reluctant not to give a red card on the basis that if Andy had caught him full in the face or elbowed him or used violent conduct, which he didn’t, it was at very best reckless, then he would’ve been in trouble with his group of referees and his bosses for not giving it.” Allardyce was left less than impressed by the reaction of Spanish defender Flores. The West Ham manager said: “The other scenario is that simulation is allowed to win. Mr Flores seems to be pretty proud of himself Tweeting what has happened in that scenario, but he has got away with simulating. “He has caused a bigger problem in football than what the arbitration panel is looking at for me. “He has allowed people to say to players ‘you can get away with simulation to get someone sent off or get a decision in your favour’, that is clear for all to see on what happened. “Howard thought that Andy has smashed him straight in the face by his reaction and then when you see it after there is little or no contact and it is nowhere near his face, so it is a shame. “The other scenario that he must feel a lot more guilty of is he has just got his manager sacked.” The independent panel, at which the FA will also be represented, is expected to rule later this afternoon, and if the resolution falls in West Ham’s favour it would free main striker Carroll up for the Barclays Premier League game at Aston Villa. Allardyce firmly believes the Irons were right to take the matter further. Speaking at Friday’s pre-match media conference, Allardyce reflected on the FA’s verdict and said: “My reaction was anger and injustice. “I think the whole procedure in terms of how we put our case together and the vast swell of people felt it was unjust and for me the panel has not seen it how they should have seen it and as the evidence we gave. “It’s easy to hide behind the regulations or what the law says, but that’s an easy way out for me. “Referees often say technically it’s this and that or ‘the letter of the law’ and that and it grinds on you. “In this case they were looking at it from the view of one thing only: was it an obvious mistake? So we based our procedure on this, and I’m 100 per cent certain it was an obvious mistake. “(Referee) Howard Webb should have given a free-kick for Andy against (Chico) Flores, at that stage the whistle blows and there’s no incident, so that’s an obvious mistake, it’s an obvious free-kick. last_img read more

Mourinho stance strengthens squad

first_imgChelsea manager Jose Mourinho’s unequivocal public support of his players in the face of criticism can only galvanise the squad for the challenges ahead, according to former Blues defender Frank Sinclair. Sinclair, an ambassador for the Prostate Cancer UK Men United Campaign, believes Mourinho’s stance will only serve to make the Chelsea dressing room stronger. “Jose is a master of mind games, and the one thing he likes to have within his group is a siege mentality. He has always been like that and gets his group of players behind him, and makes sure they are all pushing in the right direction,” Sinclair told Press Association Sport. “When he has a press conference, he protects his players and that shows he is 100 per cent behind them and wants the players to be the same with him. When you speak to the players, that is the spirit they have got.” Chelsea host Manchester City on Saturday evening, looking to extend their five-point lead at the top of the table. While Sinclair, 43, believes the Blues have what it takes to see off a City side beaten at home by Arsenal in their last league match, he warned against any complacency over what the run-in could yet bring. “It will be a tough game, but on the back of a great win in midweek, I would fancy Chelsea to get the result against Manchester City,” said Sinclair, who played more than 160 games for Chelsea between 1990 and 1998. “As for the title, Manchester City have already pegged back a nine-point lead earlier in the season, so all it takes is for Chelsea to have another blip and all of a sudden City are back in the ball game. “However, if Chelsea do win on Saturday, then you would not bet against them going on to win the championship with that advantage.” Chelsea will face Tottenham in the Capital One Cup final at Wembley on March 1. Sinclair feels while the west London club have more pressing targets, to get a trophy back in the Stamford Bridge cabinet would only serve to inspire the players for the bigger challenges which await. “It can breed confidence and be a spring board to what the main aims are for the season,” said Sinclair, who was part of Ruud Gullit’s Chelsea side which won the FA Cup in 1997 and then also the League Cup the following season under new Blues manager Gianluca Vialli before joining Leicester. “The priority will, of course, be to win the Premier League and go as far as possible in the Champions League, but for the likes of people like Diego Costa, who have come to the Premier League for the first time to play in such a big game at Wembley will stay with him for the rest of his life.” One of the latest initiatives from Prostate Cancer UK will see The Anchor Bankside pub, on London’s South Bank, be temporarily known as ‘The Men United Arms’ from where activities will be run to help celebrate and inspire male friendships. Sinclair lost his uncle to prostate cancer seven years ago, and is determined to help beat the disease. He said: “When you are in the sports industry, you almost feel you are invincible. You live the life of keeping fit naturally, training and playing, you kind of take it for granted, but at the same time you can’t be aware of something that is not visible, so it is important to get the check-ups, especially if there is a history in the family.” :: Visit to sign up for Prostate Cancer UK’s movement for men. Mourinho has been fined £25,000 and warned over his future conduct by the Football Association for claiming there was a “clear campaign” against Chelsea earlier in the season. Following the Capital One Cup semi-final second leg win over Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night, the Portuguese manager vehemently defended striker Diego Costa, who could face an immediate three-match suspension after subsequently being charged for an apparent stamp on Reds defender Emre Can. Press Associationlast_img read more