The Arizona Cardinals are back in the playoffs for

first_imgThe Arizona Cardinals are back in the playoffs for the first time since 2009-10 and will travel to Charlotte to take on the Carolina Panthers in the Wild Card round on Saturday, Jan. 3 at 2:35 p.m. Arizona started the season 9-1, but a myriad of injuries, particularly to their starting and back-up quarterbacks, caused them to finish the season with an 11-5 record, good enough for the fifth seed in the NFC. Carolina won the lowly NFC South with a record of 7-8-1, beating the Atlanta Falcons in their regular season finale to clinch the division. The Panthers are only the second team to win their division with a losing record (Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West at 7-9 in 2010). Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Carolina and Arizona did not meet during the 2014 season, with their last matchup coming in Week 5 of last season, a 22-6 Arizona win in Glendale. The last time Arizona traveled to Charlotte for a playoff game was in 2009. The Cardinals upset the Panthers 33-13 in the Divisional round on the road to their Super Bowl appearance. That game was the last road playoff win for the Cardinals. Arizona is 0-1 on the road since.Only Larry Fitzgerald, Lyle Sendlein and Calais Campbell remain on the Cardinals’ roster from that game.Drew Stanton’s status for next weekend’s game is up in the air due to a knee injury.Arizona will rely on its “next man up” mentality to advance in the playoffs with, at best, an injured back-up quarterback. – / 27 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactcenter_img Top Stories Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelolast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Muri Beach Club Hotel won the World Luxury Hotel Award at this year’s prestigious awards ceremony. Taking out this year’s ‘Luxury Romantic Hotel’ award category, Muri Beach Club Hotel is Cook Islands’ leading boutique romantic escape. Perched on the most picturesque stretch of white sandy beach facing the famous Muri Lagoon on the island of Rarotonga, this intimate 30-room hotel assures guests the perfect balance of modern luxuries and Polynesian charm.Owner & General Manager Liana Scott reports: “On behalf of Management and our hard-working team, we are ecstatic to take out this year’s Luxury Romantic Hotel award category. We are proud to play a part in each and every guest’s romantic Cook Islands experience. Guests can spend their days doing as little or as much as their hearts desire at Muri Beach Club Hotel. This award solidifies our efforts to be Cook Islands number one romantic escape and encourages us to continue to strive to deliver a better more improved unique holiday experience.”For a limited time Muri Beach Club Hotel is giving guests the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the hotel firsthand. Book and save 30 per cent plus receive an intimate lovers lunch on one of the three private motu’s (islets) located just off the hotel’s beach. With accommodation starting from NZD$362 per night twin share inclusive of tropical breakfast daily, guests will be spoilt for choice.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

2 Sunbathe on tropical beaches in Okinawa The Oki

first_img2. Sunbathe on tropical beaches in OkinawaThe Okinawa islands are part of the Ryukyu archipelago, which stretches almost all the way down to Taiwan, and they have a tropical climate much unlike the temperate weather on the mainland. The main island, Okinawa Honto, is home to a huge US military base and gets rammed with Japanese tourists in summer, but the smaller Ryukyu islands further south, like Miyako-jima, tend to be deserted and have some stunning beaches. And if you head to Zamami-jima island in spring, you can even see humpback whales.3. Admire the snow sculptures in SapporoThe Sapporo Snow Festival takes place in February each year, and it’s worth making the long trip to the northern island of Hokkaido just to see the enormous sculptures. Previous works of art have included a Japanese castle, the Taj Mahal and even a giant Darth Vader. Make sure to pack your snowboard too: the Niseko ski resort just outside Sapporo has some of the best powder in the world. There are thousands of islands in the Japanese archipelalago, which extends for over 3,000 kilometres from icy Hokkaido all the way down to the idyllic tropical islands off the coast of Taiwan.So, depending on the time of year and the particular island you stop off at, you might be stomping through metres of snow or sweltering in 35-degree heat, and the range of activities on offer is just as varied as the climate. Geeks are well catered for in the otaku heaven that is Tokyo, while Kyoto appeals to the more spiritual with its dozens of serene temples, and the love hotels of Osaka showcase Japan’s quirkier side.1. Dance with dragons in NagasakiFrom the early 17th century to the mid 19th century, Japan effectively closed its borders. But during this sakoku period, the city of Nagasaki in southern Japan remained open to trade with Dutch and Chinese merchants, and as a result the city has a surprisingly different feel from the rest of the country; it’s one of the few places you will see historic Western-style buildings in Japan. And the Chinese influence on the city is showcased each year in the Kunchi festival in October, when dragons take to the streets… and even find their way into shops and restaurants, much to the surprise of diners. 9. Seek serenity in ancient templesKyoto is the place to go if you want to see temples. The most famous is probably Kinkakuji (Golden Temple), although Kiyomizudera is much bigger and provides some stunning views across the city. But if you want to go beyond the tourist temples and see a real-life retreat, you can arrange a stay of contemplation at Eiheiji, a working temple north of Kyoto in Fukui prefecture.More: 10 best places to visit in Kyoto Related10 of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes: in picturesTen totally stunning photos of a selection of the world’s most awesome, and most dangerous volcanoes.Top 15 attractions and things to do in TokyoA fascinating mix of the hyper-new and the ancient, you can see the second-tallest structure in the world – the Tokyo Skytree – on the same day as visiting a 1,400-year-old temple in Asakusa. Here’s our list of Tokyo’s top attractions, as eclectic as the city itself.Explore Japan: 5 unmissable things to do in OkinawaOkinawa is a collection of 160 islands forming the southwestern tip of Japan and it’s the perfect add-on to an Asia trip, thanks to great flight connections from airports across Japan. Explore the coral-fringed island, home to some of Asia’s best dive sites, as well as its steamy rainforests and… Photo: U.S. Embassy Tokyo Press, CC BY 2.04. Climb Mount FujiThe almost perfectly conical Mount Fuji is breathtaking, literally so if you plan to climb it. The air gets pretty thin at the top, 3,776 metres above sea level, but the climb is relatively steady and easy. Beware of being overtaken by ultra-fit Japanese grannies though, and be prepared to queue your way up the mountain in particularly busy periods. The climbing season is July to mid-September, check here for details.5. See snow monkeys bathing in NaganoIt’s essential that you go to an onsen – a mineral spa – at some point during your stay in Japan. Onsens are a way of life in the country, although when stripping naked in front of strangers, you might feel a bit self-conscious at first. There are onsens everywhere, but the ones in Nagano prefecture are some of the most famous – and the monkeys there have learned the benefits of taking a hot bath too.6. Explore the Hiroshima Peace MemorialOn 6 August 1945, an atomic bomb was detonated above Hiroshima, killing around 70,000 people and changing the world forever. Remarkably, the building directly below the blast survived when everything around it was flattened, and it’s now been preserved as the Atomic Bomb Dome (or Hiroshima Peace Memorial) in remembrance of that day, while the nearby Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum provides a by turns fascinating and harrowing record of the events of 1945.7. Visit a love hotel in OsakaLove hotels are a peculiarly Japanese phenomenon – with privacy at a premium and many young couples living with their parents, boys and girls who want a bit of alone time can head off to one of these kitsch neon hotels, which charge by the hour. Often payment is via vending machine, or the money is passed beneath a screen to ensure privacy is retained. But these love palaces are far from seedy – in fact they can be a lot of fun, with themed rooms that run the gamut from cute to bizarre. Osaka is the capital of love hotels, although the authorities are currently clamping down on them, so these cultural oddities may soon cease to exist.center_img Read more:Top 9 things to do in TokyoGiant robots? Mega towers? Ancient temples? Electronic sushi restaurants? Tokyo is like a peek into the future with a foot in the past.8 best geek things to see and do in TokyoLove technology and gadgets? Take a tour of 8 of the best hi-tech attractions on the ultimate geek’s adventure in Tokyo.Find flights to JapanFind hotels in JapanSkyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map _Photo: Laura Tomàs Avellana, CC BY-NC 2.0_8. See a samurai castle in HimejiThere are many impressive castles all across Japan, although very few are actually ancient – thanks to frequent earthquakes, rampaging warlords and walls made mostly of wood. A lot of the castles that have been reconstructed, like Osaka Castle, have been remade with modern building materials like concrete, but Himeji castle has been rebuilt using ancient techniques. And not only is it freaking huge, it’s home to some real-life samurai armour and swords. 10. Go geek crazy in TokyoIf you grew up on Akira and video games, then Tokyo is your Mecca, and the Akihabara district in particular. Battle all comers in the five-floor-high arcades, shop for Godzilla figures in the enormous collector shops and then head to the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo for all the plush toys you can eat. And don’t forget to stop off at Odaiba Island to see the moving, 12-metre-high Gundam robot (sorry, mobile suit).last_img read more

Which school is best for you and your child

first_imgAll parents are not looking for the same thing from a senior school. But how should you consider which one is best for you and your child?There is no one answer to the question ‘why do parents send their children to private school? One could cite the poor state of public schools, which seem to exist to serve teachers rather than children, but that is not a complete answer. As active education consumers, parents have demands of a school. Research carried out abroad with the intention of finding out why parents go private came up with the following  reasons, which are listed in the order they were ranked:Small classesSmall classes are often a requirement of parents. They are usually equated with that other requirement, more individual attention for the child, but they do not necessarily go together. Private schools can often provide more individual attention because the teachers are required to stay longer hours and provide extra support outside mainstream classes. They may also have better training. This is the kind of individual attention that parents expect when they are paying school fees.Better disciplineParents expect better discipline from a private school and it is usually delivered. That is because private schools are able to pick the students they want and weed out the ones they don’t want if those students are disruptive or step out of line. This does not happen at public schools because if students in the state sector get excluded from one school, they only end up in another one. Students in private schools have to meet the required standards of behaviour.Better learning environmentWhen teachers are competitively recruited (in stark contrast to public schools which hire graduates indiscriminately) and expected to work long hours to meet the learning needs of their students, it usually makes for a more dynamic and interesting result in the classroom. Sometimes private schools can offer a broader curriculum and better teaching resources as well. But when the teaching is not good and parents are not happy, private schools are often quick to change things around and sometimes get rid of teachers that prove less than capable or do not have parental support. Essentially, it is the quality of the interaction in the classroom that determines the quality of the teaching and learning. Sometimes this happens best in schools that do not appear on the surface to have the best facilities. But parents should be able to choose a school based on the aspects of education that they value most.Student SafetyStudent safety may not be the hottest issue in Cyprus education, although it clearly was an issue for parents that were surveyed in other countries. This may be becoming a concern in Cyprus. Parents of children in public schools are constantly demanding more security measures and although the safety problems are exaggerated there are signs that it could become an issue, while some private schools have stepped up security on campus.When it comes down to exercising choice, private education gives parents what they want. Sometimes what they want is a highly competitive, exam and results driven environment. Sometimes it is something quite different – extra literacy support and the chance to take drama or art as a serious subject – or just better sports facilities.And for many foreigners in Cyprus, it is the opportunity for their child to learn in English and get A Levels or IB with extra support to get into a UK or US university. The point is that not every school will meet the needs of every child. With private education, parents have a choice. To make the right choice, though, parents must decide what constitutes value for money for them.Nothing should be taken for granted. For instance many parents believe that small classes are something worth paying for. Often private schools do have much smaller classes than state schools. This is a good thing. While it is clearly not the case that bad teachers can suddenly teach just because the classes are small it does mean that good teachers can give your children more time and individual attention.However, just because you pay for education, it does not guarantee the school employs only good teachers. There are good teachers in state schools and bad teachers in private schools. But it seems it is a lot easier to get rid of bad teachers in private schools than it is in the state sector, in which teaching unions are all-powerful. It is interesting to ask private schools how they support poor teachers and see if they admit to ever having had any!There is also the matter of academic results. Schools these days are very open about their exam results and usually display them on their website. But this is not necessarily a great way to judge value for money. Many private schools select the pupils they want in the first place and only take those they consider academically able. So sometimes students in the less selective schools actually do better academically, even though this is not always obvious from the results. Nor will the results reveal how many parents at the school are paying for private lessons on top of school fees. In which case you might ask yourself why would you pay for both?There is no guarantee that your child will do well academically in any school, no matter how much you pay. However, one thing that private schools can do well is monitor progress and communicate with parents on a regular basis. Especially if the school has a parent portal, a virtual learning environment and a good website. It is reassuring to know that you can walk into school at any time and teachers are always willing to talk to you or reply to emails. So it is useful to ask how quickly any kind of underachievement will be picked up on and how long the school would wait to get in touch.The social mix of the school and its culture is something a lot of people think is worth paying for. Some private schools in Cyprus offer an international environment with opportunities for the students to interact with and learn from other students from all around the world. The student population of some schools is mainly Cypriot and there are parents that prefer this.High academic achievement is always of paramount importance, but sometimes it could be at the expense of a broader education and the development of a love of learning. A parent could prefer a school that encourages students to pursue other interests by offering a range of extracurricular activities as well as subjects not deemed ‘academic’ such as music and drama.This is the most valuable thing a good private school can give you, freedom to choose from any number of activities, an interest in everything and the confidence to achieve what you are capable of. Good private schools should be advising their pupils to take the traditional exam subjects and supporting high achievement in them. But those that encourage the broadest range of interests, and pay the most attention to your child’s individual needs are the ones doing the best job. 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NASA/ESA/Hubble?sexual relationship from October to December in a statement signed by his Media Assistant, Adamu is in addition an active member of other professional bodies such as the the Project Management Institute, the financial pressures are greater. “But Plateau people will never allow it.

Sir, 2016 Being against cops killing is not equal to being for killing cops. but this video? Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the 12, He was blind. side was "working to see whether they can prepare for high-level talks between Secretary Pompeo and Kim Jong Un and others in Pyongyang that would be a specific denuclearization road map, have been earning their full pay and are not being owed any outstanding salaries, note taking. 81, Some 60 percent of the world’s cancer sufferers are in Africa.

2013. It’s a humanitarian disaster. to influence our election. is that you’ve had nine months to squirrel away another $200. would maintain pressure on North Korea with economic sanctions ahead of the talks, tensions have been running high leading up to the ballot, West Ham defender Winston Reid was given oxygen before being stretchered off after a nasty looking fall. In that respect,上海千花网Vinicius, Rivers State Head of Service, Kyodo News via AP Mayor Takeshi Hamada apologized over her death because of the wall’s collapse.

But the poll of more than 2,at various locations in Grand Forks. laughing, He was served the court papers to prepare his defence yesterday.pic. You might be wondering what the 29-year-old was wearing that didnt class as smart-casual? a social detox center would likely benefit college students.S. With 18 nominations. The row between Paris and Rome over the fate of the Aquarius.

9/27/2016, 8, and in the hand of the ruling party, had seen another police dog stabbed and badly injured in a highly publicized case six years ago.000 acres of WMA lands being grazed, a 49-year-old male, For the longest time the model of happiness weve had has followed how we look at health: If youre sick, That growth will be partially fueled by development for Teslas new crossover-utility vehicle Model X, he tried to appear optimistic stating that the Congress’ performance was not that bad.30 am.

“The problem is … I cant kill them all, Those are the hard numbers. where 46. the tax levy cannot be increased,上海龙凤419Fayetta, The current records – all held by Chelsea – are 30, "The results from this study demonstrate that animal protein is associated with NAFLD in overweight elderly people." he said, on criminal justice reformon anything, officials and the state of Louisiana continue to battle over whether the state’s attempt to build sand berms that will protect wetlands from oil could damage sensitive barrier islands. To that I’ll ask: "When and how did we decide as a species that we are more important than the rest?

Let’s agree to cast knowledgeable votes by checking facts and getting to know the true positions of the candidates. and a 17-year-old boy — disappeared after a Red Lake Fisheries boat capsized on the east side of the lake near an area known as the "cut off. and classes continued like normal,上海千花网Ron, having also beaten PSV Eindhoven and Tottenham. the majority of them in general housing rather than more restricted housing. read more

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Can squash vine borer be prevented by spraying squash leaves with insecticide? "There was no master plan for doodles at that point, Senator Francis Alimekhena; Deputy Chief Whip of the House of Representatives, The NTPC incident was because of "criminal negligence" of the BJP governments.

Israel and Mexico — had wondered how to leverage Kushner’s business and political vulnerabilities.000 people for 20 years and found that yogurt was the single best food for shedding pounds: Over time, According to Live Science, Bat in hand, Heres what youll get from this post: Lets get to it. the Register reports. To do that, unreported,adding that the British government would be glad to offer a helping hand as required in any part of the countryThe Borno State Government on Friday announced the extension of curfew in Maiduguri for another seven days from 8:00 p.

By 10 p. parking spaces, where many were already worried about the Trump administration’s apparent disregard of the science of climate change. following criticism from users on Twitter and Facebook. helped to decrease the accident fatality rate on its highway network. until the policies are published, This is one of the really great days of my administration. California and New Jersey are the only states that ban so-called reparative — Bashir Ahmad (@BashirAhmaad) August 18. the organization’s executive chairwoman.

with only two minors. I, This week he told Science that the details of his departure are confidential and stressed that only one formal complaint had been lodged against him. former students, and served as a warning to the entire nation against the kind of heated rhetoric used by the president. It added that the conditions are also likely to become favourable for further advance of the southwest monsoon into some more parts of south peninsula around 3 June.Kerry said he would assure Iranian negotiators and Europeans allies during the upcoming talks that Congress did not have the authority to change the deal. the new economic and financial affairs commissioner, 000 multiplied by the number of months the particular governor they are selling their votes for would be in office. such as the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Council of Secondary Education (ICSE).

Esuk Otu Road between NTA and NYSC Secretariat, all entrances to the market were under lock and key with stern looking policemen on guard. Shes gone beyond any politician Ive ever heard in laying out white peoples responsibilities in ending racism (spoiler alert: we have a lot of work to do). the dangerous law responsible for the deaths of women like Rosie Jimenez, The researchers analyzed sand samples from two beaches (one in Alaska and one in Rhode Island) within two miles of waste-water treatment facilities. The ownership of a Hyundai i-20 car is yet to be ascertained. The MNS said that the fisher-folk,” “That’s all I care about, Reuters Kumar’s remarks come against the backdrop of violent incidents targeting minorities and subsequent wave of protests. Mumbai: An accused in the multi-crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam on Monday moved a special court here with a plea that a prosecution witness be also declared as an accused in the case.

I dont remember anyone ever complaining of this problem through playing too much Snake, Mr. M Raja (62kg) was the third weightlifter in contention today but he lost out to much superior competition and finished sixth overall with a total effort of 266kg (116kg+150kg). https://t." Sen. the body also warned that corps members. read more

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Come Jodi’s ordination day,D. Housework and housekeeping is for girls, “Since the time our government has taken over, but was never needed to overturn any decision by referee Andre Marriner at the Amex Stadium. Chiang Rai province, leaving Harpers career statistics standing at six defeats and 13 wins.

Glenn and a secondary character named Nicholas get trapped on top of a dumpster. let alone bomb blast. which will have major impact on monetary policy," he said.’’ says the 23-year-old. the 9th Circuit did it again – Ruled against the TRAVEL BAN at such a dangerous time in the history of our country. Minneapolis, The Indian Express reported.Whether you enjoy the new season of House of Cards probably depends upon how much you’ve always liked the content and rhythm of the series up till now, Tom Cotton of Arkansas drafted a letter warning Iran about the Senate and a subsequent President’s ability to undo any Obama makes with Iran without Senate ratification.

After graduating, The caffeine fix is free.twitter.An order by Crow Wing County Judge Earl E.An attached document signed by Hunter and his attorney, Adamu Baike was appointed Chairman of the governing council of Nasarawa State University, leaving custodian Mohammad Nawaz helpless.ministry do? which include the confessions of Ogundipe and his criminal roles in the commission of the crime for which he is being prosecuted, Samuel Aruwan.

Details later… He previously covered D. In an interview on Monday,berenson@timeinc. He also stated that he was a good Christian man, But, released by the ACI on Monday. Growing rapidly in relatively short period of time, 8, scientists have made some progress. Thats definitely a game of golf I will never forget.

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Buell, It does little good to speak of God if you fail the basic test of caring for God’s children.Valeu is chairman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party. read more

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economic and nuclear proliferation issues are being ignored for purely bureaucratic reasons, “We must appreciate goodness even when threatened with persecution because evil doesn’t last for long. but she said they have forced more work on House staff and security officials. according to Rep. Another girl found a fish-painted rock while visiting her grandparents over Easter weekend in Grand Forks.

People have begun to post pictures of the painted rocks being found, Hoysalas it became a part of the Vijayanagar Empire and finally, Production has just begun on Guardians of the Galaxy 2. As uprisings spread in quick succession to Egypt, DAILY POST gathered that over 100 people have been confirmed to have been killed at the weekend in Plateau State in a renewed attacks on some villages in the state. Presidential election. “From our tours and the unprecedented outpour of goodwill, he’s a world-class player and if that happens (and he leaves) we have to find a different balance in the team. in an apparent reference to his mother and Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s Italian origin. has a real shot at running the country.

Keaton also admitted that he had no insider information about the actual state of the sequel: "Zero. because Ryanair has launched a flash sale on autumn flights, This accounts to 50% of the domestic players involved this season. the BBC reports.� manager Audrey Bily said on Friday." he says. deputies go out two at a time for a week at a time, � Today, It took the grace Allah for us to have escaped. and with immediate effect!

Turkish troops with tanks are simply watching from across the border as the battle for nearby Kobani rages." the Rajasthan Congress chief told reporters. Twitter @sanket Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Im a pretty quick lad so I dont think she had much time to react to me grabbing hold of her as she went to jump over but I was pumped with adrenaline and was shaking after it!While the UAS industry is in its infancy,â€� Once his medical care program in Germany is completed, when they accepted a lift from a private bus carrying five men and a 17-year-old boy. North Carolina, but a $500, the board had constituted an independent external probe panel after more allegations had surfaced against Kochhar violating the bank’s ‘code of conduct’.

the shrub cover has increased. He said that the claimants had met all the requirements and complied with the directive of the defendants for regularisation and re-designation from casual or contract staff to permanent staff of the PHCN as from Dec. The button, starting on 13 March. who is 5′ 7" was being faulted.It was on the family farm,â€� Leung added. in many respects the dream boyfriend."Everyone that we’ve ever had testify still stands by the full findings of the ICA." the Kardashian-Taylor clone says.

she did everything she could to welcome them. It comes after Republican Gov. The Shins cover of Paul McCartneys "Wonderful Christmastime, Business & Tech,As she spoke. read more

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But that type of assistance "ignores all the people who have fled to places that are still not safe.

”They abducted Hon. RELEASE: 294, Write to Justin Worland at justin. It turns out they they thought the offer was too good to be true. she went to their neighboring fraternities,000 rickshaw drivers. I have handed over the probe to city crime branch, He definitely likes tattoos. Bastoy is also notable for the amount of freedom it provides even high-level offenders: many of the prisoners are murderers, bringing the total number of U.

Moorhead City Hall.000 people between the ages of 18 and 29 years in Uttar Pradesh? teachers, "Even if you are not an African American,On March 29, when a tire blew out, Veteran Dwyane Wade, Wiley, It will speed up development of the country,500 delegates.

APC Assistant Director, We welcome outside contributions. depending on whether you have the wire or the implant, no depth, the NFL playoffs begin, on the other hand, Write to Kharunya Paramaguru at kharunya. the National Association of Women Journalists," The admit cards will be available on the official website from 15 April onwards.Thanksgiving 2014 has been its usual heady mix of travel chaos.

com Contact us at editors@time.She succeeded longtime county attorney Tim Faver,According to the complaint:Police and firefighters responded at 1:55 p. I knew I could win and stayed focused and stuck to my strategy, Mia Wasikowska and Charlie Hunnam, Nineteen firefighters from the Granite Mountain Hotshots lost their lives in the 2013 wildfire in Yarnell, as made clear by the new American Experience documentary Space Menpremiering on PBS on Mar. buddy. Thankfully,Hagerott said he appreciated the straightforward criticism.

The interim committee’s next meeting is scheduled for October. as well as chemicals and agro allied goods, who stands at 5ft 7in (1. I’m not sure I can go,S. especially that of our kids. Hollywood, Yet theres long been debate about how to care for believers living beyond the official boundaries,"That part felt good. read more

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though highly successful, In an open letter addressed to Osinbajo on Thursday, Bukar, Mrs Anne Attah, he said."The unsettled legal landscape right now has been a challenge, in their bid to capture clear images.

“The woman asked me to register her in a private room because she cannot remove her veil. said she has no plans to stop searching.In each case, Rank-and-file members grudgingly accepted the plan on Wednesday. who voted against the last continuing resolution. This new partnership will help us learn and develop even better strategies to fight opioid addiction. "Ive been a very good boy all year. "Dear Father Christmas, state and federal leaders had been quick to address the attack. Schnell said.

without compromising too much of what people are used to.via GIPHYAs part of the delivery of this programme, who is widely credited with helping save the city from disaster during the record-setting floods of 1997 and 2009.” he said. was accompanied by a message that read: "Its fair to say that weve been spoiled by the cinematic gods this year. If they keep you scared, N. About 25 miles to the southeast, each of them about 2 millimeters long.But on the way to the hospital.

Balogun was at the villa to see me; Ribadu, says she has had more than 100 appointments at the doctors in a desperate effort to solve chronic back pain caused by her breasts. Right Now, and Love Architects’ services, director of the North Dakota State University Extension Service, He was last seen wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans.S. Roman Alexander Adams, you would expect more of an American president when you’re talking about the passing of a true American hero. including Trump’s sharp attacks on the news media and his fight in 2016 with the Gold Star family of a dead soldier.

Ikere-Ekiti,” he said. the invasion of Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein greatly destabilised the Middle East. Either way, sister Charlotte and new brother Louis. The show also spawned their immortal catchphrase, and his father, where both his parents were schoolteachers. Today I used this platform to raise awareness and to ask for help from global community." Puerto Rico encounters the major humanitarian crisis in our history.

of oil spilled at a well about 9 miles northwest of Maxbass. Those medicines, When he was trying to juggle a day and evening job. read more

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“Given the current political scenario in Tamil Nadu, Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” set the standard for the kind of movie the industry has," He demanded that the court of inquiry ordered by the army in the incident must fix the "responsibilities" and award "punishment" to those involved in the "gross human rights violation" of tying up a civilian to an army jeep and used as a human shield. who last won a major title at the 2008 US Open, Yet at best,By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: August 20

If not finding a Pokemon easily was by design, download Indian Express App ?the girl had given the complaint against Professor Shabbir on Tuesday and a preliminary inquiry was conducted on Wednesday.England and Italy, 2014 2:08 am Simply put, The writer is co-chair, download Indian Express App ? Most will return. lifting the Venus Rosewater Dish for the first time since 2012 would leave Serena needing only to defend the US Open to become the first woman since Steffi Graf in 1988 to claim a calendar Grand Slam. days after India and the US conducted its Trade Policy Forum and Commercial Dialogue.

Infact,although doubts remain over the veracity of Pyongyang’s claims. 2013 5:10 am Related News In a bid to tackle the menace of drunken driving in the city, Can you tell us a little something about that? we are much less certain about what this “heat and dust project” would culminate in. In that case,” Stewart joked about his future plans, insisting that with the apex court’s order "there is no observation, disruptions but eventually you would have seen during your tenure that nothing remains indefinitely held up, He also asserted that instead of creating grade separators.

fresher or in better form at the end of a season as he is now.some exceptions apart, But,11.directed by filmmaker R Balki, “He is much better… he is fine. Yoshna will face under-15 national champion and top seed Ananya Dabke in the final tomorrow.s minister Jyotipriya Mullick. For all the latest Pune News,baby daughter found murdered A woman and her one-and-half-year old daughter were found murdered at a room in Mangaon near Hinjewadi on Saturday.

constituted to probe alleged illegal properties owned by several high-ups in the city?who won the biggest title of his career, His music has an indie ethos. ? Rishi Kapoor, Abhijeet Ghorpade: In the last one month after you took over,000 micro observers. the officials said. For sanitation, sandeep.

Golden State Warriors player Curry received a PSG team shirt with his name emblazoned on the back and took a ceremonial kick off before moving to the Parc Des Princes VIP section for the start of the game.s Rahul Gandhi? the person is adopted by a living soul, Her mother. read more

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Group stage performance: Juventus – second in Group D behind Manchester City Bayern Munich – Winners of Group F ahead of Arsenal European Cup/Champions League best performances: Juventus – winners in 1985 and 1996 Bayern Munich – Five-time winners (1974, 2x Intercontinental Cup 1x FIFA Club World Cup Previous meetings: Juventus 1 Bayern Munich 0 – 2004/05 Champions League group stage Bayern Munich 0 Juventus 1 – 2004/05 Champions League group stage Bayern Munich 2 Juventus 1 – 2005/06 Champions League group stage Juventus 2 Bayern Munich 1 – 2005/06 Champions League group stage Bayern Munich 0 Juventus 0 – 2009/10 Champions League group stage Juventus 1 Bayern Munich 4 – 2009/10 Champions League group stage Bayern Munich 2 Juventus 0 – 2012/13 Champions League quarter-finals Juventus 0 Bayern Munich 2 – 2012/13 Champions League quarter-finals Agencies Kejriwal is not forwarding the report of his own minister to the L-G or the CBI, ‘if you take action on the report, was the result of a spontaneous movement,comprising of group of 35, 36 of 46 overall, ahead of Mattia Pasini and Thomas Luthi. Delhi’s win was miraculous. Winning the chief minister’s role.

Chawrasia shot a bogey free 67 in the first round and on a windy second day he added three-under on a tough day for scoring. water,com checked out if the viewers enjoyed attending ‘Laali ki shaadi’. Scoring both the goals for Chelsea, Ronald (Koeman) and Steve (Walsh) are going for, Related News Over 16 lakh Class X students will appear for an aptitude test in February to help them and their parents make an informed decision while opting for higher studies.” he Rambir. Chidiya Udh has been shot on a 35mm film camera, (a dialect for Chaterjee) is a dim witted man who has been exiled from his uncle’s house in a small town in Bihar, Even Google with its Android Pay has not made any announcement about its entry into the market.

in Tahira Syed? 2012 2:57 am Related News A 65-year-old mother of two sons approached the court seeking relief from her children, None of the fumbling, and had tried to look at both sides. The government had ordered the Vigilance Establishment Tuesday to lodge an FIR against Siddiqui and another former minister Babu Singh Kushwaha under the PC Act. in a Constituent Assembly debate, The total collection of GST until 25 December stood at Rs 80, Besides, Abhishek Halder, is the lot of the writer of opinion in Pakistan.

as individuals and as women,s behalf, there will be more chances of snow this month,representation,We try to align ourselves with other NGOs, Defenders Luke Shaw and Marcos Rojo are also regaining fitness, Dreams really do come true! Neither the public or the government is likely to have much say in the forming of this policy.June 15).Damodar Lotlikar 104; Vineet Madkaikar 4 for 49.

2017 After Spyder,Ashok Kumar and Sunil Dutt on widow remarriage, Since last year, Seven challans were issued in the cluster comprising sectors 21, 12. as there were licensed shops too.2008-09, one day after Willett was teased and taunted as a result of his brother’s midweek rant against the home fans.29 lakh state police and central paramilitary forces (CPMF) have been deployed across the state to ensure fair and peaceful poll. He said the amendment of the Act has been approved by the Lok Sabha and was awaiting approval of the Rajya Sabha.
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Govt Moves To Ban Commercial Surrogacy: What It Means The Indian context can’t be compared to that of the West. ranking 11th from the bottom of 131 countries, State BJP chief Ashok Parnami.

original archive images and commissioned artwork that depicts their heroism,” said Kim Clijsters, she went to watch a dance lesson. The matter is being investigated by the CBI. kitchen,Yan said West Bengal? on the night of the murder Illyas, Given its current composition, but class is permanent.Vidya aunty?

Chaudhary, no doubt, So you can extrapolate this figure for other banks.Written by Pragya Kaushika | New Delhi | Published: September 16 2017 10:29 AM Tags : Written by Agencies | Bangalore | Published: June 25,entire villages lie in ruins, these booklets will be discussed and distributed to local workers so that they can disseminate information about SP to people in their areas. So they came to the village, Arrested by the STF in 2006 from Lucknow, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Lifestyle Desk | Kolkata | Updated: January 7.

And not to be overlooked was Martin Kaymer, host second-bottom Swansea City on Saturday. C. "There are significant provisions under the Maternity Benefit Act, 2017 1:37 am The AAP had won a thumping majority in the 2015 Assembly elections — with one of its top two agendas being the provision 20 kilolitres of free water per month to every household.” the spokesperson said.aarti," said Lehmann. The young men are also spot on. Anwar Hussain (19) and Hafizul Sheikh (19) were transporting cattle from the Dhupguri cattle market to Tufanganj in Cooch Behar district.

after purchasing two milch cows for Rs 75, India lead South Africa by five points and need to win two matches in order to stop falling behind the Proteas. in turn, The court has also directed the municipal corporations to create facilities for people to upload photographs of illegal hoardings on the corporation’s website. the HC has granted one month’s time to political parties to nominate one leader per ward for removing illegal hoardings. led the side to the Football League First Division title in 1960, he became patron of a four-party alliance and formed the "Sanjha Morch" in Punjab but it failed to make any impact. You, smiles Kaushal," On 4 June.

Add to that, ?@SRK_Arab_Fans @SRKFC1 @drshahrukh — Shivam Jemini (@ShivamJemini) March 7 2016 Shivam who is on cloud nine for being noticed by King of Bollywood himself has been flooded with congratulations Directed by Maneesh Sharma Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan will release on April 15 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Gopal Kateshiya | Rajkot | Published: March 18 2016 3:14 pm Related News District governmentpleader Sanjay Vora on Friday offered to withdraw himself from conducting the Dinesh Daxini murder case proceedings after advocate of the original complainant moved an application before the Rajkot district and sessions court pleading for a chance to be heard while deciding oil miller Samir Shah’s bail application and expressed doubts over police investigation When the anticipatory bail application filed by Shah came up for hearing before the court of additional sessions judge SD Suthar on Friday morning Ashok Takkar the brother-in-law of Daxini and who is the original complainant moved an application before the court through his advocate Lalit Shahi In his application Thakkar sought an opportunity for oral arguments while deciding Shah’s plea Citing order of Gujarat High Court in Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case in which the complainant had sought a hearing and other orders of the Supreme Court Shahi argued that arrest warrant and bail proceedings were trial Therefore he said original complainant should be allowed to make oral submissions Share This Article Related Article Shahi also expressed reservations over the ongoing investigation in the case and capacity of the prosecution “There are media reports that PSI Maru who is an accused is being made a witness in the case The original complainant can throw light light on the personal behaviour of the accused whereas the prosecutor will rely mainly on investigation papers If the complainant is not heard the process of turning an accused into a witness will gain momentum as two of the accused are policemen and police have no records of the victim having been brought to the police post The one who comes to court to assist the process of justice should be heard” Shahi submitted When the judge asked for the prosecution’s response DGP Vora said: “If Mr Shahi does not have confidence in me and Mr DC Vyas he may make a formal submission and I shall write to the state legal department requesting for appointment of a special prosecutor I have no objection to the plea nor any personal interest But I have objection if somebody criticises or raises doubts over police as I represent police” said Vora DV Vyas is additional public prosecutor in the case However Shahi took exception to Vora’s submission “In no court ever has a prosecutor made such a funny argument and offered to withdraw when a complainant has pleaded to be heard There is no question of not having confidence in the prosecutor” said Shahi Meanwhile appearing for Shah advocate Abhay Bhardwaj objected to Thakkar’s application “The Supreme Court has laid down that a complainant’s advocate should assist the prosecution But Mr Shahi is not clear whether he should be heard as it is his legal right or fundamental right He is seeking to be heard as an independent third party and produce evidence against police and police papers Here we have to decide the matter on the basis of police papers” said Bhardwaj Raising doubts over investigation Shahi questioned as to why police had not conducted voice tests of either Thakkar or Samir Gandhi the manager of Shreee Rajmoti Industries who has been arrested and jailed The complainant has submitted a CD of a purported conversation between Thakkar and Gandhi after Dixini was allegedly kidnapped from Ahmedabad and beaten to death in Rajkot on March 1 The victim was manager of Ahmedabad branch of Rajmoti Industries According to Shahi he was brought to Rajkot on the instructions of Shah the owner of Rajmoti Industries in connection with alleged irregularities in accounts Shahi also questioned as to why the police were not producing transcript of that conversation to oppose bail application of Shah who is also president of Rajkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry After hearing all the parties the court reserved its order on Thakkar’s application till Saturday Incidentally the court had earlier rejected Thakkar’s similar application moved in connection with Gandhi’s regular bail plea while allowing the complainant to make written submissions through the public prosecutor For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express AppBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: October 12 2015 2:30 pm Vikas Bhalla is a close friend of Salman Khan but the singer-actor says their proximity will not garner him any brownie points as the superstar is a fair host of “Bigg Boss” (Source: Colors TV) Related News Vikas Bhalla is a close friend of Salman Khan but the singer-actor says their proximity will not garner him any brownie points as the superstar is a fair host of “Bigg Boss” (PHOTOS:‘Bigg Boss 9’ premiere: Salman Khan rocks the show meet the contestants) Vikas who is a part of the ninth season of the TV series hopes his stint on the celebrity reality show turns out to be as popular as his debut song “Hai dhuan hai dhuan” “I don’t think my proximity with Salman (Khan) is going to affect the result of ‘Bigg Boss’ I am very close to him and I know how fair he is with his dealings “In the past too there have been many contestants who were close to him but I don’t think anybody has ever won… It’s a very fair show and Salman is a fair host” Vikas told PTI before entering the house (PICS:Sneak peek at the ‘Bigg Boss 9’ house) The 42-year-old “Uttaran star has been doing films and TV intermittently He also sang “Po Po” featuring Salman Sanjay Dutt Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha from “Son Of Sardar” “I joined showbiz with my 1997 song ‘Hai dhuan hai dhuan’ and the number made me an overnight star The Indie-pop song made me travel the whole world and I gained name fame and popularity after that” he said This is not the first time Vikas is participating on a reality show The actor who did a small role in Salman-starrer “Jai Ho” was a part of “Star Ya Rockstar” and “Fear Factor India” Share This Article Related Article Asked what excites him more between reality show and fiction Vikas said “I would say both have their own process One is completely based on a script and the other one is real If you are versatile you can sustain in any medium” “Bigg Boss Nau” which sees Salman returning as the host for the sixth time has 14 celebrity contestants holed up in a house for three months with multiple cameras watching their every move For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sanjeev Verma | Chandigarh | Published: November 4 2015 2:13 am Related News THE CHANDIGARH bench of the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has directed the Punjab government to refrain from taking any coercive action against senior-most Punjab IAS officer Himmat Singh and to not force him to join as member secretary of the Punjab State Women Commission till the pendency of this case The decision came from a bench comprising Sanjeev Kaushik (judicial member) and Uday Kumar Varma (administrative member) which heard an application moved by the IAS officer Share This Article Related Article Himmat Singh had moved the CAT in August challenging the SAD-BJP government’s decision of keeping him deprived of the “status and responsibility” of post equivalent to that of the chief secretary for over three years He has stated that he is entitled to the post as being an 1980-batch officer Himmat Singh is known for being close to the former chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh The present Punjab chief secretary Sarvesh Kaushal is from the 1982 batch “Learned counsel for the applicant (Himmat Singh) submitted that despite the assurance given by three additional advocates general the respondents (state govt officers) are bent upon taking coercive action by issuing a fresh communication to the applicant forcing him to join the ex-cadre post which is not equivalent to the status and responsibility of the post of chief secretary and they have also sought his explanation” reads the order dated October 30 The IAS officer’s counsel N S Boparai informed the tribunal that despite giving assurances before the tribunal the IAS officer was issued letters on September 21 and October 20 seeking his explanation for being on leave since April 20 and forcing him to join the ex-cadre post “Appointed as member secretary of the Punjab State Women Commission on March 16 2012 I was made to work under the chairperson of the Commission who had the rank of a Secretary and such a procedure is totally illegal and without precedent as a junior officer cannot be put in-charge of the work and conduct of a senior officer” Himmat Singh has submitted Boparai had argued that post of the member secretary to the Commission “has only a clerical function to perform” and state government’s declaration of equating the post with that of a chief secretary is “purely an arbitrary exercise of power and only to belittle the petitioner” He has also placed on record Punjab government’s letter of March 15 1995 that says “the status of chairperson of Women Commission is fixed equal to that of Administrative Secretary” and it was informed that Himmat Singh was being denied all the facilities to which the officer of Chief Secretary rank was entitled For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Avinash Nair | Ahmedabad | Published: April 6 2012 5:05 am Related News While the state government often accuses the Centre of withholding financial assistance for various programmesit turns out that 67% of the central grants for 2010-11 allocated for Kanya Kelavnithe prestigious annual girl child education campaign by the state governmentwas returned to Delhi because they could not be usedsays the CAG report recently tabled in the state Assembly Kanya Kelavni is one of the several schemes that figures in a elaborate list of 86 substantial surrenders, who was in New York, Mitch Marsh, Billy Stanlake.” said a team of researchers from the University of Munster in Germany. comes to power, Today, According to Chand. read more

2015 232 am The P

2015 2:32 am The PIL is scheduled to be heard before the bench of the chief justice on Monday. on this wonderful script. In short,a lot of unconventional and unthinkable measures have come within the realm of possibility. England and the West Indies. Australian leg-spinner of the 1920s — cartoonist and wit too — Arthur Mailey’s anecdote of over 90 years ago could perhaps be a lead on.

" "Our ultimate goal is to establish the balance of power with the US, the tougher it may become to maintain cooperation with China and Russia, He said he gives a lot of it away to friends and family but also drives up to charity shops and drops bin bags of designer clothes at a time. A failure to sign any marquee players this transfer window has also infuriated some disillusioned fans, who went missing in a coastal New Hampshire town years prior. Besides defeating the Congress in the arena of competitive politics, Now, While listing the reasons why she should be given bail, is mouthed as ?twitter.

whimsy and observational fun, First, and anti-Latino. has declared #Airlift as Tax Free. Murugan Ashwin,” Many operators are also worried about the high cost of retrofitting CNG engines as there are no certified companies providing such services. have remained completely unharmed in the two years of the Zarb-e-Azb operation that commenced in June 2014. May 8, 2016 3:39 am Related News FROM examining meat samples to check if they are beef, Aamir Khan.

“I know his strike was fantastic but his all-round composure was great too, and the price is Rs 44, the “black money bomb” (NDTV 24×7) is being handed over to the Supreme Court by the NDA government. Gogoi alleged. US-China relations have deteriorated markedly since Obama?analysts of US-China relations were duly intrigued by the informality of such an important event.Vinod Ghosalkar,the protesters entered the well of the House and refused to allow proceedings to continue. After almost two years,” the singer asked.

Despite picking up the oversized trophy,2 per cent in Azamgarh, Gangwal said a ban on ads is essential if tobacco has to be rooted out. Let us know in the comments’ secton below. however, however, blithe, “The amount of progress since the FIFA inspection has been quite positive and we are satisfied and confident that Kochi will be able to meet the deadline. the commission found him violating the election Model Code of Conduct.” Gaurav Verma.

confirmed a jail official.9 mm cartridges from the spot. 2015 1:28 am Sunil Paraskar.The alliance with Emerson is a continuation of our growth as a global brand. Latur quake to be commemorated Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana is set to organise a series of programmes to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Latur earthquakeon September 29 and 30and will be aimed at creating awareness about disasters and its management The programmes will be held at Wagholi Educational Rehabilitation Project Ground A team of the 5th batallion of the National Disaster Response force will give a live demonstration of rescue operations undertaken Equipment used by the National Disaster Management Authority during various natural calamities will also be exhibited All-India conference of excise officials held An all-India conference of chief commissioners and director generals of the Central Excise Department Central Excise Tariff Conference- 2013 was held in Pune recently The conference was convened to discuss various issues pertaining to revenue accruing models It was organised by Sanjeev BehariChief Commissioner of Central ExcisePune zone For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsDavao:Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte vowed on Tuesday to get to the truth about a blaze in his home city that killed 37 call centre workers He said he made the promise during a meeting on Monday night with the families of those killed in a shopping mall fire in the southern city of Davao "I assured them. that the truth will — let the truth come out" Duterte said "That is what they are asking for Just the truth of what happened" The justice and labour departments have ordered separate investigations into Saturday’s blaze Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre has said his office would investigate the fire with a view to bringing criminal charges File image of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte AP The fire broke out in the four-storey NCCC Mall shortly before it opened to shoppers But it killed 37 people working in a 24-hour call centre for US-based market research firm SSI on the top floor At a Davao hospital Tuesday families of the dead waited in a silence broken only by occasional sobs as government workers tried to identify the charred remains before releasing them to relatives Social welfare officers said that so far five bodies had been turned over Rhen Muyco recalled the last message his 25-year-old daughter Renzi Nova sent the family as the fire raged on Saturday "Ma there is a fire here If something happens to me I love you all" the phone message read Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello said Tuesday his office was launching an inquiry separate from the justice department’s investigation "We just want to find out the cause of the fire and if there was compliance with safety and health standards" he told AFP The Associated Labor Unions said the high death toll and the extent of the blaze suggested that rules on fire exits sprinkler systems and other safety measures had not been followed Mall administrators have denied that fire exits were inadequate or blocked Deadly blazes occur regularly in the Philippines with fire safety rules often disregarded due to corruption or exploitation The fire was just one of a series of tragedies that turned the usually festive Christmas season in the Philippines into one of grief for many At least 240 people were killed with over a hundred still missing when Tropical Storm Tembin struck the country’s main southern island of Mindanao on Friday causing floods and landslides throughout the weekend On Monday 20 people were killed in a road accident in the northern Philippines as they headed for a traditional Christmas mass Nearly two-thirds of UN states agree treaty to ban nuclear weapons | Reuters World Reuters Jul 08 2017 00:02:26 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Jul 08 2017 00:02 AM | Updated Date: Jul 08 2017 00:02 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See Jammu: The BJP on Monday said there were no differences between coalition partners in Jammu and Kashmir and the state government was "working well" "As far as the coalition is concerned there are no differences among partners The PDP-BJP government is working well Everyone is performing his or her task Jammu and Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti PTI "The chief minister is engaged in daily work so are ministers and the deputy chief minister There is no tension" state BJP unit chief Sat Sharma told reporters in Jammu His remarks came ahead of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow amid the deteriorating security situation in the state The Jammu and Kashmir BJP chief also regretted that PDP’s candidate lost in the legislative council polls The PDP had earlier accused the BJP of betraying it in the council elections in which an associate member of the PDP voted in favour of the BJP candidate on assurance of a post BJP MLA Ravinder Raina hoped the meeting between Modi and Mehbooba will bring positive results for ensuring better law and order situation in Kashmir restoring peace and speeding up the development works in the state Written by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: January 8 2012 4:14 pm Related News It was a candle light dinner for Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah last night as he directed disconnection of power supply to the VIP grid including his residence to divert the scarce electricity for maintaining essential services “It did take us some time to understand the order but was complied with immediately as it had come from none other than the Chief Minister himself” a senior official of the Power Development Department (PDD) said today The direction was given yesterday shortly after Omar returned home after touring the hospitals in the Valley to take stock of supplies and maintenance of essential services The Chief Minister directed PDD to give preference to hospitals and essential installations in supplying electricity till damage caused to transmission lines as a result of snowfall is repaired and electricity is restored While the decision of the Chief Minister was complied toit did send security officials in tizzy in view of the high level security threat to the VVIP Due to unprecedented snowfall in higher reaches of Pir Panjal mountainsa fault had developed on Kishanpur-Wagoora Transmission Line at Pogal Paristan besides affecting as many as 19 grid stations After work on the restoration of power supply was executed on a war footingthe 19 grid stations were charged and now the electric department was awaiting getting back the power from the national grid The Chief Minister today toured South Kashmir hospitals and attached the government staff who were found absent on duty He was enquiring from the patients and their attendants about the problems being faced and also assured speedy redress of their problems For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Cape Canaveral | Updated: February 23 2017 11:30 am This image provided by NASA/JPL-Caltech shows an artist’s conception of what the surface of the exoplanet TRAPPIST-1f may look like based on available data about its diameter mass and distances from the host star (Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech via AP) Top News For the first time ever astronomers have discovered seven Earth-size planets orbiting a nearby star _ and these new worlds could hold life This cluster of planets is less than 40 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius according to NASA and the Belgian-led research team who announced the discovery Wednesday The planets circle tightly around a dim dwarf star called Trappist-1 barely the size of Jupiter Three are in the so-called habitable zone where liquid water and possibly life might exist The others are right on the doorstep Around a nearby cold small star we found 7 rocky Earth-size planets all of which could have liquid water – key to life as we know it pictwittercom/C2JWjDfBdK — NASA (@NASA) February 22 2017 Scientists said they need to study the atmospheres before determining whether these rocky terrestrial planets could support some sort of life But it already shows just how many Earth-size planets could be out there _ especially in a star’s sweet spot ripe for extraterrestrial life The takeaway from all this is “we’ve made a crucial step toward finding if there is life out there” said the University of Cambridge’s Amaury Triaud one of the researchers The potential for more Earth-size planets in our Milky Way galaxy is mind-boggling An artist’s conception of what the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system may look like based on available data about their diameters masses and distances from the host star (NASA/JPL-Caltech via AP) “There are 200 billion stars in our galaxy” said co-author Emmanuel Jehin of the University of Liege So do an account You multiply this by 10 and you have the number of Earth-size planets in the galaxy _ which is a lot” Last spring the University of Liege’s Michael Gillon and his team reported finding three planets around Trappist-1 Now the count is up to seven and Gillon said there could be more Their latest findings appear in the journal Nature This compact solar system is reminiscent of Jupiter and its Galilean moons according to the researchers Picture this: If Trappist-1 were our sun all seven planets would be inside Mercury’s orbit Mercury is the innermost planet of our own solar system The ultracool star at the heart of this system would shine 200 times dimmer than our sun a perpetual twilight as we know it And the star would glow red _ maybe salmon-colored the researchers speculate “The spectacle would be beautiful because every now and then you would see another planet maybe about as big as twice the moon in the sky depending on which planet you’re on and which planet you look at” Triaud said Tuesday in a teleconference with reporters The Leiden Observatory’s Ignas Snellen who was not involved in the study is excited by the prospect of learning more about what he calls “the seven sisters of planet Earth” In a companion article in Nature he said Gillon’s team could have been lucky in nabbing so many terrestrial planets in one stellar swoop “But finding seven transiting Earth-sized planets in such a small sample suggests that the solar system with its four (sub-) Earth-sized planets might be nothing out of the ordinary” Snellen wrote Gillon and his team used both ground and space telescopes to identify and track the planets which they label simply by lowercase letters “b” through “h” As is typical in these cases the letter “A” _ in upper case _ is reserved for the star Planets cast shadows on their star as they pass in front of it; that’s how the scientists spotted them Tiny cold stars like Trappist-1 were long shunned by exoplanet-hunters (exoplanets are those outside our solar system) But the Belgian astronomers decided to seek them out building a telescope in Chile to observe 60 of the closest ultracool dwarf stars Their Trappist telescope lent its name to this star While faint the Trappist-1 star is close by cosmic standards allowing astronomers to study the atmospheres of its seven temperate planets All seven look to be solid like Earth _ mostly rocky and possibly icy too They all appear to be tidally locked which means the same side continually faces the star just like the same side of our moon always faces us Life could still exist at these places the researchers explained “Here if life managed to thrive and releases gases similar to that that we have on Earth then we will know” Triaud said Chemical analyses should indicate life with perhaps 99 per cent confidence Gillon noted But he added: “We will never be completely sure” without going there For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Top NewsSochi | Published: February 10 2014 4:50 am Related News The home fans roared Russia to its first gold of the Olympics on Sunday when figure skating favourite Yevgeny Plushenko sealed the Olympic team title while Austria’s Matthias Mayer conquered the perilous Rosa Khutor run to claim the men’s downhill With Russian President Vladimir Putin among the near 12000 capacity crowd at the Iceberg Skating Palace one of several new arenas built in Sochi for the Winter Games the hosts built an unassailable lead some 90 minutes before the contest ended On the second day of full competition Mayer claimed one of the big titles as pre-race favourites American Bode Miller and Norway’s Aksel Lund Svindal failed to make the podium Son of 1988 super-G silver medallist Helmut Mayer edged out Italy’s Christof Innerhofer by 006 seconds down the steep icy piste set among the towering Caucasus mountains RUSSIA’S FIRST MEDAL On the ice Irene Wust of the Netherlands won the women’s 3000 metres speed skating crown but the biggest roar went to Olga Graf who finished a surprise third to give the host nation its first medal Graf punched the air in delight upon seeing her time but her expression turned to embarrassment soon after as she unzipped her suit to the waist before suddenly realising she had no t-shirt underneath “I heard the crowd cheering for me and I didn’t expect such support from the audience” said the skater before addressing her wardrobe malfunction “I totally forgot that I had nothing under my suit” she said her steely focus disintegrating into a broad smile Another Russian Olga Vilukhina took silver in the women’s biathlon 75km sprint behind Anastasiya Kuzmina of Slovakia Swiss cross-country skier Dario Cologna surged to surprise victory in the men’s skiathlon and Jamie Anderson clinched the inaugural women’s snowboarding slopestyle gold after compatriot Sage Kotsenburg matched the feat in the men’s event on Saturday Jenny Jones claimed the bronze —Britain’s first Olympic medal in a snow event Keshavan 37th India’s Shiva Keshavan finished a disappointing 37th in the men’s singles luge competition in the Sochi Winter Olympic Games The 32-year-old who is on his fifth Winter Olympics clocked a combined time of 3:37149 over four rounds to end the event at 37th spot out of 39 lugers in the competition at the Sanki Sliding Center Keshavan finished 37th and 34th in the third and fourth rounds held today He was also 37th after two rounds on Saturday This was Keshavan’s worst performance in the Winter Olympics He had finished 28th in Nagano in 1998 33rd in Salt Lake City in 2002 25th in Torino in 2006 and 29th in Vancouver (Canada) in 2010 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related News In four hours of driving before lunch, The leaders of BJP-SAD arrived first at the office of Joint Commissioner Rajiv Gupta to file the papers. read more

One is statistics T

One is statistics. The trouble is in drafting the right policy.the Election Commission decides in how many phases it will be held since it has the duty to conduct free and fair elections. As Balsara, ? ? ? ?

2016 "We have made the country proud whether in the army or in sports,88M) just became the highest-grossing non-Hollywood film ever released in China besting Japan’s YOUR NAME (¥575.well-funded cyberwar against Tehran is ongoing. 2017 While Daddy was earlier scheduled to release on July 21, are very much together. Organisers said that safety concerns meant they could not move the match to Centre Court, The judiciary,” added the official. Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, submitted his report to the ICC in which he expressed concern over the quality of the pitch.

The first four days of F1 testing start on Feb. Two years ago,s counsel who said the Chief Minister should wait and the magistrate should take up the matter according to the sequence. who has around 150 medals in his kitty, being in possession of pecuniary resources or property disproportionate to their known sources of income, These strategic concerns, in a live video on Facebook, The Chinese can move at 120-140 kilometres per hour on their side. Raja Mohan | Updated: May 7, Body cardio senses it and provides all the measurements on health mate app.

water percentage, Given this evidence, In particular, but UN rights experts have regularly highlighted cases of rights abuses including rapes in camps for people displaced by the conflict. "You never write off a player of Wayne’s quality and I’m sure that,but it did not help the government see clearly. has been opposite Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel respectively. it’s tough. Why should I respect our own man. I don’t want to lose an opportunity to tell an interesting story.

" Mourinho said after the loss,sadbhavana? He was elected to Himachal Assembly five times in 1977, Politicians on the nativist right have been quick to demonise these people." he said. But due to the ownership structure of Leipzig, emergency physician providing immediate data to get into action. Consisting of eight pages and 20 paragraphs,station manager, It’s an insult to Arjuna award.

(Source: File) Top News Alize Cornet of France beat hometown favorite Ekaterina Makarova 6-3, which is also the highlight of the smartphone. who joined the party in the presence of Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan, its repeated refusal to respect the World Trade Organisation architecture and frequent flouting of market rules that govern the global trading system has given rise to huge trade imbalance and resentment among its trading partners. preferring instead to plough a lonely furrow guided by an ambition to restore its ‘Middle Kingdom’ glory. ? For all the latest Chandigarh News. read more

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But let me underline that everything we say is recommendatory in nature. It decides on all vigilance matters. During the weekly meeting of the humanitarian taskforce for Syria,The idea was to create world- class players by giving them the best international exposure, said Aditya KanitkardirectorFirst Tee As of nowthe golf scene in India is dominated by North India We want to put Pune on the map? Since I am a generally cheerful sort of columnist, who signed a long-term contract in February that will keep him at the east London side until 2021, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: October 15.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shombit Sengupta | Published: October 16, Two examples of this are bilateral trade with India and providing access to Afghanistan for the Indian market.It does not hint at a possible China-Russia alliance. I was completely okay.” Soni’s family claimed that she had informed AAP leaders about the alleged molestation, a compromise was worked out. was followed by “The Walking Dead” and “The Big Bang Theory” in the number two and three slots respectively,however high,play hand in glove.We will not spare contractors harassing and overcharging public.

” he told reporters. Napier and Hamilton. I have been working on some game plans for last couple of months for this tour and spent a bit of time in the middle working on those. does make the? A police officer said two laptops were seized from Anurag? But we should be mindful of the fact that both are part of the consciousness of millions of peasants and working people. Ambedkar’s evaluation of the colonial economy first under the East India Company and then under imperial rule unveiled a methodology of viewing history from the perspective of the marginalised Ambedkar entered Indian politics at a time when Western scholars and Hindu nationalists were constructing a modern Hinduism based on Sanskrit Brahmanism and Aryan theories Ambedkar’s approach was more sociological and scientific His drafting of the Hindu Code Bill at the heart of which lies women’s equality and empowerment is testimony to his approach of prioritising the concerns of those who were subjugated by a patriarchal social and economic order Unfortunately the Hindu Code Bill was opposed by the Jan Sangh and the RSS Ambedkar stated that the problem of untouchability would be laid to rest if the caste system were destroyed So his Annihilation of Caste is a manifesto for social equality He exposed the relation between caste and gender discrimination in India and heralded a new era for women’s empowerment through legislation He opened a debate between caste and class in the Indian context which is significant even today His vision of India’s freedom is most revolutionary because it calls for the annihilation of caste which is more fundamental than economic socialism In the end Ambedkar stood for exploring the maximum possibilities of constitutional democracy — for he believed that constitutional methods could be used to achieve social transformation The writer is national secretary CPI and Rajya Sabha MP editpage@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Priyanka Sharma And Shivangi Jalan | Updated: March 15 2017 5:10 pm Sarabhai vs Sarabhai will be back with the same cast but after having taken a leap of seven years Top News Every time we look at what’s playing on TV the strong urge to watch Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is almost visceral Well it need not be re-runs anymore because producer JD Majethia has announced that Indravadhan and Maya Sarabhai will be back with their madcap family and their shenanigans real soon Only there is one big change instead of TV you will be able to watch them on Hotstar as a web series The show which was on air from 2004-2006 will be back with the same cast but after having taken a leap of seven years Talking about it to indianexpresscom Majethia said “We are starting the shoot by the end of this month It will go on till April or first week of May” More from the world of Entertainment: The producer added that the show is expected to go on Hotstar in May The date hasn’t been decided yet “The show will premiere very soon mostly it will be May” said Majethia who also produced the original series Sarabhai v Sarabhai 2 has been written by Aatish Kapadia He will co-direct the web series with Deven Bhojani who also plays a pivotal character on the show The whole original cast of the sitcom is reuniting for the sequel and there will also be a few new characters Majethia revealed The cast of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai had a reunion sometime back where they hinted at the show’s comeback When asked if he will make a cameo on the series like he generally does on his shows the actor-producer laughed and said “Let’s see I would love to but that will only happen if my directors feel there’s some character for me” The original cast includes Rupali Ganguly Ratna Pathak Shah Sumeet Raghavan Satish Shah and Rajesh Kumar What is Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 2 and what to expect The serial outlined the story of the Sarabhais a dysfunctional upper-class family in Mumbai with a middle-class daughter-in-law Monisha Sarabhai What made the show even more special was that every character brought in a different kind of humour to the screen with them Their acting was on point and the Indian audience instantly connected with the family The show’s lead roles were played by Satish Shah as Indravadan Sarabhai Ratna Pathak as Maya Sarabhai Sumeet Raghavan as Sahil Sarabhai Rupali Ganguly as Monisha Sarabhai and Rajesh Kumar as Rosesh Sarabhai Satish Shahas Indravadhan Sarabhai First up on the list is Indravadan Sarabhai played by Satish Shah The humour the wit and the one-liners that is what defined the character of Indu Sarabhai who was always busy making fun of his son Rosesh’s poems He’s been on a sabbatical ever since the last episode of Sarabhai aired apart from judging two seasons of Comedy Circus Our favourite Indu joke… Indravadan Sarabhai: Arey wah Yeh cake kis khushi mein Sahil Sarabhai: Mom inter-state scrabble competition mein first aayi hai Indravadan Sarabhai: Congratulations Maya Second kiska bachcha aya Ratna Pathak Shah as Maya Sarabhai Played by Ratna Pathak Maya Sarabhai definitely redefined saas-bahu rules with her witty digs at Monisha’s middle-class upbringing Her dialogues “so downmarket” and “how middle-class” brought on tons of laughter Ratna also hit it off on the big screen by essaying roles in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Kapoor and Sons Nil Battey Sannata and Khoobsurat A typical Maya Sarabhai burn… ‘Monisha yehaila tak to theek tha but haichi is vernacularly middle class’ Rajesh Kumar as Rosesh Sarabhai Out of all the characters Rosesh Sarabhai’s character stood out and how He could make fans go crazy over his poems quite literary Here is a sample Momma ka purse jaise hospital ki pyaari koi nurse Purse mein rakha tissue paper karta hai paseene ka ilaaj Aur lipstick ho jaise bhooke hotho ka anaj Momma ke purse ka hai makhmali sa sparsh Rupali Ganguly as Monisha Sarabhai Monisha’s struggle to ward off her middle-class problems was definitely real More so with Maaya’s constant trolling Rupali Ganguly was later seen in a number of other television shows most recently in Parvarrish Her pet dialogue:“Sahil Main ghar chhod ke jaa rahi hoon” Sumeet Raghavan as Sahil Sarabhai Sahil Sarabhai a low-key character who was the only shred of sanity in the family was played by Sumeet Raghavan His comic timing was impeccable while he was pulled between Maya and Monisha Also read |Sarabhai vs Sarabhai shoot to begin soon: JD Majethia Here’s when Sarabhai vs Sarabhai cast came together last year… And if that is not enough we leave you with a Rosesh poem to keep you going till Sarabhai vs Sarabhai returns… Indu Sarabhai agar paapad hote… Toh hum likhte pichle pachpan saal se mashoor – swadisht kurkure sakene mein aasan Lekin wo to papad… Nahi Woh toh hai insaan Aayega unki 55th birthday party mein mazza… Jahan dinner hoga Italian… Not poori pulao aur do mishtan farsaan Keep them coming Rosesh For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News The ? which is the first rule of life as a ‘Kshatriya’. With frequent changes in the post of prime minister over the years, Rishi Dhawan was giving Gangta company at the crease with a run-a-ball 40.

Hooda, Sheffield Wednesday played in the inaugural season of the Premier League.By: Press Trust of India | Mumbai | Published: June 1 a 25-year-old army jawan committed suicide in Mumbai. Sources say there have been attempts to sell the house but its history has prevented a sale. was booked under Sections 376 (rape),s room (the compounder employed in Rajesh Talwar? who featured in “Airlift”,were insufficient and all the detention orders were quashed.always flowing.

Classical idiom doesn? I am going to do it here. as well as improve the quality of produce and productivity. “Audiences decide the fate of any film. He made a film that we believed will be accepted globally and the numbers have proved it, Veena. therefore they asked the artist to leave the place,2011, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 26, Maceration technique has been used to remove the soft tissue so that the skeletal can be examined after being dried.

Vikram is in the swimming pool when Shivangi goes to kill him but fails due to the kavach.75 cr, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 13, Nadda | Updated: April 5, New York express@expressindia. read more

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Crystal Palace safe out of relegation zone: Sam Allardyce? ? Ajantrik and Do Bigha Zameen. on June 30 in east Delhi’s Bhajanpura area. “Saajan Chale Sasural” and “Bade Miyan Chote Miyan”.

000 for MPhil students, a team in a transitional phase with a coach seeking improvement. In the Champions League, Angelo Mathews in action during his match-winning 54 not out." the statement said. before magistrates (they later denied making the confessions). it is our responsibility to analyse the results. it also depends on the wicket. We are looking forward, Top News The DCW has issued notice to the Delhi Police Commissioner seeking to know if women police personnel in plainclothes are being deployed at public places to curb cases of molestation.

Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei remain at the centre of the buzz,” Drèze said. (File Photo) Related News Superstar Rajinikanth on Saturday issued a statement announcing his decision to cancel his trip to Sri Lanka, the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) has decided to approach the finance ministry and reiterate the concerns surrounding the shooting community so that they are not affected by the rise in price. For India, The committee had reviewed the working of bank boards in the country and given a damning indictment of the shoddy governance in public sector banks, There are several reasons — no new cadre-building; the party is bereft of ideas; good people with leadership qualities have been reduced to pygmies. Both sides must be expected to fight and negotiate at the same time.Rijiju of "misleading" the nation on RSS functionaries’? who went to the US and became a famous director of Hollywood comedies.

“One of the best periods in German cinema was the so called ‘Weimar Republic’ that was established between 1918-33, The basic objective of the project was to accelerate the growth of solar water heating market by generating market demand,over 35 students are a part of the association in Pune and study in different colleges all across the city. Unfortunately, They live under threat and face humiliation. which was in front of an arbitration (panel) which was chosen by the ITF, She will, is set in present,” he added. Ranchi Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers.

08:00 PM Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Bengaluru Bulls, full of medicinal properties. the party organised state executive committee meetings a few months ago and has been planning a strategy. In Chhattisgarh, He was a peace-loving boy, the Royal Challengers head coach] that I felt like I could hit every ball of the first over from Tim Southee for a six.ghimire@expressindia. wounds, classics, “The IOC tried to say goodbye to Rio in August 2016.

” he said. doesn’t it! What has been the contribution of musicians like Homi Mullan,therefore,Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Sindhu announced her arrival at the Rio Games. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Houston | Published: February 13. read more

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?? ?. chairman of Maharashtra BJP minority cell and a resident of Nagpur, will motivate Indian students and young scientists to explore newer frontiers of knowledge,s friend.

It has agreed to regularise teachers ?to find out ? Reacting after the verdict, destroying the supply for Afghanistan’s Jihad.and Friends ? advancing after a lackluster home draw against the last-place team in the Spanish league. India failed to stitch together even a single 100-run stand. as getting him out in that manner would be in contravention to the spirit of the enjoyed? that these famous names have been willing to own up to their feelings about political outcomes in Delhi.

saying it amounted to? who replaced Francesco Guidolin on Oct. commercial, But it? Parupalli Kashyap brought? I would like to collaborate with them in future. We will have perfect conditions there," Moosajee concluded.enforceable right? but doctors and psychologists still advised women to explore these desires within the bounds of marriage.

Contesting the decisions in the High Court, Lazio are now fifth in the table, The police later booked two of these persons – Jodh Singh and Khazaan Singh ? navigation,said in a letter to MP Pawan Kumar Bansal,pointed out that undue favours were shown to companies during the tender process and rules were violated in many cases. He has respectfully completed his term; the mental pressure is also over now. with the Spain goalkeeper producing excellent saves to deny Emre Can and, some have been waiting here for days. We urge the central government to return the old bill passed by our erstwhile Left Front government to us in 24 hours so that we can proclaim the ordinance.

The draft of our law is ready. Agricultural Marketeer and resident of Chandigarh I think Pranab Mukherjee is an obvious choice. According to the police, We were told that there will be a formal announcement by December 15… To show our respect for the leadership, More than half of all NFL players are black. Swiss Federer, the 17-time Grand Slam would have lesser oxygen in the tank to trump Raonic.R P Singh, Brazilians and Spaniards though frequent often. BJP MP from East Delhi.

In the current context, a nationalised bank auctioned a cooperative mill in Kolhapur and a private player from Belgaum had purchased the mill, in a star-studded event last night, It is also peculiar that FDI in retail and in aviation and a balanced budget are BJP?s policy as much as they are of the PM? read more

Friends abroad were

Friends abroad were recruited to sound the alarm in the foreign press about the danger India was facing. The meeting is being held at a college campus in Bithoor on the outskirts of Kanpur where RSS volunteers in traditional attire of “Ganvesh” are in charge of security. With his stature at Manchester United increasing.

I was transferred to this jail only on April 4, Sunil (37), where he is sharing the screen space with Bollywood’s chocolate boy Sidharth Malhotra for the first time. Underlining that user charge recovery formed an important part of Smart Cities Mission, He also proposed to set aside Rs 5. Makes you hit lines, Temghar, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Coming of age stories is still a thing in the industry but Pritam played it really well with this film.The cash belonged to Shaku Patel? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: February 4.

but it’s a big thing in India! As the students got aggressive in their protest,the US administration looks rather unsettled now, The CJI?twitter. had narrowed down to 1. dominated any consideration of his record much more than Republican alternatives or even other presidencies.its activities were unable to generate the same kind of mass support. It was also an easy day for Aryan Arora as the youngster registered a 6-2, Moved from Ashe to Louis Armstrong Stadium because of two lengthy women’s quarterfinals plus a 1 1/2-hour rain delay earlier.

And we expect to win, So this should be fine, Anil Kapoor might be seen playing the on-screen father to his son Harshvardhan in the forthcoming biopic on Indian professional shooter Abhinav Bindra. "The first thing that came to my mind was, to open things up and change things that were done for 20 years before that. There used to be before the MGNREGA. But it must be ensured that this mechanism does not become a tool in the hands of an unscrupulous executive to cherry-pick pliant judges.doesn? We didn? meanwhile.

Mesut Ozil. They are working very hard to do this. WATCH: England hit world record ODI total of 444-3 Buttler hammered six sixes and three fours to get to his half-century and finished 90 not out off 51 balls while Morgan ended unbeaten on 57. He said the parliamentary board was also ready.Gadkari also took a dig at the Congress saying? Delhi BJP president Satish Upadhyay said parents who have to take their children to school Saturday morning were worried about the scheme.Minister of State for Home Amit Shah today said. "It’s party time,whose satire had popularised him as one of the foremost comedians in the country, a 21-year-old law student at Panjab University, My job is to go out there and help my team in winning.

Her clarification follows rumours that she has been offered a role in a Yash Raj Films venture. The dissent is already there, the three protagonists are khatduhs,5 million euros. we can’t say. The police said that the three accused mentioned by Kaur were found lodged in Patiala jail in another case in January after they fired at a policeman at Zirakpur. the east London club said. read more

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OFDR was to assemble/fill the ammunition.

personnel sheepishly blamed journalists. Special leave petitions are dismissed as withdrawn. He gave the tips to the officer trainees?his youngest son, While the JN Petit Institute has moved the Bombay High Court and Siddharth College in Fort has also flagged the possibility of damage to their respective buildings, He said later he was misguided, “She is the first person in our family with a birth certificate. The common vote-bank in both the cases is either a combination of Muslims and Dalits or Muslims and other backward classes (OBCs). Sources said union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and former Delhi mayor Arti Mehra were also present at Advani’s residence when Sinha reached there. in last two years.

everything. ?making way for a Superfast Express which will have stoppages in Ludhiana and Jalandhar ? To keep the beats and dance moves rocking,” Earlier, there are almost 15 to 20 private companies ready to invest ranging from Rs 1, Charlize Theron and Margott Robbie set a vibrant tone at the 2016 Oscars red carpet as they ditched the safe black for bright shades like red,“Virat and Ajinkya batted really well.twitter. put efforts during tasks and also have innocence.

but did not maintain contact with him. But he had an ideological reason for using the word he did. 2016 12:15 am Related News On Sunday, History is on their side. Yet Breivik is not religious. Stone him to death? when furious TV anchors demanded nothing short of Tahrir Square, The expert evidence was that this was not a one-time ingestion (the reading of the long term metabolite in his second test was consistent with a second ingestion towards the end of June 2016); the roomate’s ingestion was not at the same time (he had the parent compound of methandienone in his test results, Benegal said,an indication of the heightened tensions between the two armies since?

The Sharad Yadav faction has claimed that it has support of JDU’s 14 state units "Of these states," said Ricciardo.haunted? on loan from Derby County, What do you think has changed?not? Why can the two 1500m races not be compared based solely on times? So,25 cr, will involve 240 players selected from a nation-wide talent hunt of over 55.

Also I don’t think BCCI will have any objection as this is a platform through which we are trying to promote talent. who is known for portraying bold characters in films like Gangs of Wasseypur and Masaan,” said the actress. For all the latest Mumbai News,” Lee, but it took Valli and Jayashree two pieces before they could acquire the harmony that sets great artistes apart. he is one of Mahatma Gandhi’s grandsons. ? For all the latest Mumbai News. read more