Canada Goose to open new factory in Montreal, reports Q4 profit up from year ago

The Canadian Press Companies in this story: (TSX:GOOS) MONTREAL — Canada Goose Holdings Inc. says it will open a new factory in Quebec, its second in the province.The production facility will be located in Montreal and is expected to employ more than 100 people by the end of March, and grow to 650 new positions at full capacity by the end of 2020.The announcement came as the luxury parka maker reported a profit of $103.4 million or 93 cents per diluted share for the quarter ended Dec. 31, up from a profit of $63 million or 56 cents per diluted share in the same quarter a year earlier.Revenue in what was the company’s third quarter totalled $399.3 million, up from $265.9 million.Analysts on average had expected a profit of 81 cents per share for the quarter, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.Canada Goose also raised its guidance for revenue and profit for its 2019 financial year.It now expects revenue growth in the mid-to-high 30s on a percentage basis, compared with earlier expectations for at least 30 per cent.Annual growth in adjusted net income per diluted share is also now expected to grow in the mid-to-high 40s on a percentage basis, compared with earlier expectations for at least 40 per cent. read more

Myanmar UN envoy to visit earlier than planned

23 October 2007Myanmar has agreed to allow United Nations Envoy Ibrahim Gambari, who is currently touring regional capitals to garner support ahead of a planned visit to the country in mid-November, to visit even sooner, the spokesperson for the world body announced today. Mr. Gambari “expects to visit Myanmar in the first week of November, as the Myanmar Government agreed to bring forward his standing invitation to the country,” UN spokesperson Michele Montas told reporters in New York. “While the exact travel dates have yet to be arranged, Mr. Gambari would be going to Myanmar directly from the region, continuing his consultations with key regional countries in the interim,” she added.Dispatched by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to consult with regional leaders on how to address the ongoing crisis in Myanmar, Mr. Gambari has met so far with officials in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Special Envoy was in New Delhi today where he met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, to whom he delivered a personal message from the Secretary-General. The two leaders had “detailed and substantive discussions” on the UN’s efforts in Myanmar and India’s support in this regard, according to Ms. Montas.Mr. Gambari “has been urging India and other regional countries to actively encourage the Government of Myanmar to continue to cooperate with the Secretary-General’s good offices efforts, including by addressing continuing human rights concerns and by encouraging Myanmar to receive Mr. Gambari as early as possible in order to kick-start a dialogue with the opposition.”The Special Envoy is now on his way to Beijing, where he is scheduled to meet with senior officials before going on to Tokyo for consultations with Japanese counterparts. read more

At Model UN in Chicago Ban Kimoon hails youth focus on climate

9 February 2008United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has praised high school students in Chicago for debating the problem of global warming at a Model UN, emphasizing their potential to effect change in the future. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has praised high school students in Chicago for debating the problem of global warming at a Model UN, emphasizing their potential to effect change in the future.”I am here because you are the leaders of tomorrow,” Mr. Ban told an auditorium filled with students attending Walter Payton High School, where he was joined Friday by Mayor Richard Daley on a stage that also accommodated a set of youth representing various countries from around the world.”Standing in this hall, my thoughts go way back to 1962 when I was a freshman in college and participated in this type of mock-UN debate,” said Mr. Ban, drawing laughter when he recalled that that at the time, there was no color TV; only black-and white.”My advice is that you be as close as possible to real politics,” he said. “By doing that you will be able to act as real delegates of the countries you are representing. By doing that you will improve and learn about real politics and the real world.”He said the UN “needs the support of global citizens like you.”The Secretary-General, who has given priority galvanizing international action on climate change, said the issue requires immediate attention. “People say that we should have taken action yesterday, but if we take action today, it may not be too late. We have capacity, technology, resources, finances – all we are lacking now is the will.”This is not a question of whether or not; this is not a question of when, this is a question of we must win and this is a question of we must act now.”As the debate began, the delegate from the United States urged a common approach to the problem, but Washington was criticized by other participating countries for not having ratified the Kyoto Protocol, a legally binding pact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.One student talked about the impact of the problem on a country’s GDP. “For example, India is a developing country so… global warming,” he began.”I’m sorry, India, you’re time has expired,” said Elizabeth Sabol-Jones, the young woman playing the role of Secretary-General who chaired the meeting with strict adherence to parliamentary procedure.Despite the bureaucratic constraints, the students did achieve a consensus; a resolution entitled ‘1A’ and reprinted in the event’s programme noted that “without a conscious efforts by Americans, little can be done to stop climate change,” while referring to “the power of students to impact change.”The Secretary-General’s visit was well-received by students who had previously found him to be a remote figure. “He sounded human and he made some good points,” 15-year old Jeffrey Callen told the UN News Service after the debate. “And he even opened up about his past, talking about when he was in college, and that helps me to connect more to him.”Naomi Sharpe, 15, agreed. “We hear big names all the time but we never really know what they’re doing and what they feel, and it did make [him] seem human and open our eyes to see what we need to do right now,” she said.Mr. Ban welcomed the students’ attentiveness to the problem of climate change. “I am very much impressed and encouraged by what I have just seen with the students debating [the] global warming issue,” he told a press conference held in a music room adjacent to the auditorium. “I could see the bright future from our future leaders – leaders of tomorrow.” read more

Millennial Money Credit score up Build credit smarts too

Well done, America. Credit scores across the nation are going up.On the other hand, knowledge of how credit works is declining.Consumers’ grasp of credit is the lowest it’s been in eight years, according to an annual survey by credit scoring company VantageScore and the Consumer Federation of America, a non-profit association of consumer groups. For example, 62% of those surveyed this year knew that everyone has more than one credit score. In 2012, 78% knew that.More people rated their own knowledge highly despite knowing less. In an era when free credit scores and reports are plentiful, this is perhaps not surprising. The share of respondents who called their credit knowledge “excellent” or “good” was 60% in 2019, up from 54% in 2012.Millennials were a little more modest. Only 56% of those ages 21 to 38 rated their knowledge as “excellent” or “good,” compared to 61% of people ages 39-54 and 65% of those 55-73.WHY CREDIT SCORES ARE GOING UPThe average FICO score last year was 704, according to FICO, continuing a steady rise from a low of 686 in 2009 during the Great Recession. The average VantageScore — FICO’s competitor — was 680, continuing to climb but not yet as high as the 685 seen in 2008.Factors such as a large-scale economic recovery, low unemployment and consumers’ confidence in their own finances contributed to higher scores, says Rod Griffin, director of consumer education and awareness at Experian.Of course, consumers being more careful with money since the financial downturn also played a part, Griffin says.Also, millions of people experienced a score bump over the past two years as the three major credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax and TransUnion — stopped including some negative marks on credit reports, including tax liens, civil judgments and some types of collections.WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT CREDIT CAN HURT YOUThe knowledge survey revealed that all generations misunderstand some elements of credit.Among the findings, a significant share of respondents didn’t know that:—Checking your own credit never hurts it (38.—Opening several credit card accounts at the same time can lower your score (38.—Cellular plan providers might use credit scores to price services (41.It’s crucial for millennials, who have many financial decisions ahead, to know what factors have an impact on a credit score . Fortunately, two factors make up the majority of what affects your credit score — paying bills on time and keeping credit card balances as low as possible.“A lot of credit is boring. It’s all about consistency and keeping your debts as low as possible and making your payments on time,” says Griffin.HOW TO STAY ON TOP OF YOUR CREDIT— Keep an eye on things: Checking your score frequently is a healthy habit and it won’t hurt your credit.Even more important is checking your credit reports for accuracy. They may have errors that drag down your score, and you can request to have them removed.To check your reports, you can use any of the free apps or websites that offer them. Federal law also entitles you to a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the three credit bureaus; request them at— Understand who sees your score: “Most people still understand that credit card issuers and mortgage lenders use credit scores,” says Stephen Brobeck, senior fellow at the Consumer Federation of America. But the survey showed that only 65% of people knew landlords used credit scores, while only 59% knew cellphone companies used them and 58% knew home insurance providers did.Also, potential employers may check your credit report before hiring you. And in most states, car insurance providers can use your score to set premiums.—Educate yourself: Griffin recommends using free tools to learn how your score and reports work, as opposed to just checking them occasionally. The Consumer Federation of America website has the credit quiz used in the survey, which is a good place to start. And many personal finance websites offer educational content alongside a free score._________________________________________________This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet. Amrita Jayakumar is a writer at NerdWallet. Email: Twitter: @ajbombay.RELATED LINK:CFA Credit Score Quiz factors affect your credit score? Jayakumar Of Nerdwallet, The Associated Press read more

Dow SP 500 indexes close at record highs as a market rally

by The Associated Press Posted Dec 22, 2014 2:15 pm MDT Dow, S&P 500 indexes close at record highs as a market rally continues AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Stocks are back at record highs as the market posts its fourth gain in a row.The Dow Jones industrial average rose 154 points, or 0.9 per cent, to 17,959 Monday, narrowly beating the record high it set two weeks ago by about half a point.The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose seven points, or 0.4 per cent, to 2,078. It was the 50th closing high for the S&P 500 this year.The Nasdaq rose sixteen points, or 0.3 per cent, to 4,781.The market is coming off a big advance last week, which gave the S&P 500 its second-biggest weekly gain this year.Benchmark U.S. crude fell $1.26 to close at $55.26 a barrel in New York.Bond prices rose. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note fell to 2.16 per cent. read more

For Ohio State mens lacrosse FOGO role an area of expertise

Football has the kicker, baseball the relief pitcher and soccer the defensive midfielder. They are specialty players who have a focus, a certain set of skills that set them apart from the rest. They aren’t always the flashiest players, but what they bring to the team, if only for a play or two, can be the difference between a win and a loss. For lacrosse, that position is known as the faceoff get-off, or more colloquially, the FOGO. What is a FOGO? “Basically the game of facing off is a player for a team comes out to the middle of the field (the X) and is trying to gain possession of the ball for his team,” said Trey Wilkes, senior midfielder and primary FOGO for the Buckeyes. “In theory, if a faceoff guy can go out and win the ball for his team every time, it’s kind of like ‘make it, take it’ in basketball.” Assistant coach Jamison Koesterer was a faceoff player when he was at Johns Hopkins and said he sees the position continue to develop into a specialty area. “It’s kind of transformed into an area of expertise. Guys have really started to focus and buckle down and create a specialty position if you will. I think you’re starting to see more and more guys become comfortable not just being faceoff get-off, but stay and play a little offense,” Koesterer said. “Obviously if you have a dynamic player that can face off with a good stick, that’s a solid athlete that can play defense, it allows you to do more from a coaching perspective.” Koesterer said in lacrosse, the more opportunities there are for a team to be on offense, the more likely it is to earn the victory. “Having possession of the ball in a game like lacrosse where the ball is moving up and down the field is extremely important,” Wilkes said. “There is a lot of technique, there’s a finesse side to facing off, but there’s also a physical side, and it’s just having a balance of that aggression and balance at the same time.” Since the players aren’t a regular part of the offensive or defensive rotations, a FOGO has to prepare differently than others on the team, Wilkes said. “I try to focus more on myself individually and try not to worry as much about my opponent. I feel like throughout the week if I can work on the things that I do really well, I can kind of leave the game in my hands,” Wilkes said. Another FOGO for the Buckeyes, junior defender Darius Bowling, doesn’t fit the bill of the typical faceoff player. Though Bowling still takes his turn attempting to win his team the ball, he also plays on the defensive side of the ball as a long stick. But his defensive focus shows facing off at the X doesn’t mean a player can’t also be a standout in other positions. “For me it’s just kind of making it a scrum (ground ball). I would think that I’m pretty good at ground balls, so if I could make it a scrum, I would have a pretty good chance at getting it,” Bowling said. “So during the week I try to make sure that I’m in a good stance. That’s the most important thing for me is my stance.” Unlike their counterparts, such as attackers who score handfuls of goals or goalies who rack up saves, FOGOs fly under the radar. Their names are rarely in game recaps, despite their vital contributions to their team’s success. “They don’t get a lot of accolades. When you find them in the postgame report, it’s usually when they’re 70 percent or better, when they’re really dominating,” Koesterer said. “But when we come across a great faceoff player and we neutralize him, make it a 50-50 battle, even though we don’t get the headlines, it’s a win in our book.” Though they might not be household names or team MVPs, there is no doubting what a FOGO means to his lacrosse team. read more

Primary school mental health crisis as referrals for counselling rise by a

Britain’s primary schools are facing a mental health crisis as figures show the number of children needing NHS counselling has risen by a third.Children as young as three were referred to professionals by their teachers as the number of under-11s needing psychological help rose to almost 19,000 in the past year, from less than 14,000 three years earlier. Statistics obtained following freedom of information requests to NHS trusts show that the number of referrals to mental health services by all schools rose by almost 10,000 from 25,140 in 2014/15 to 34,757 in 2017/18. More than half of these were for primary school children, with experts warning that this suggested that there was not enough help for the youngest children available in school. The NSPCC, which carried out the survey of 53 NHS trusts, warned that increased demand for support across specialist mental health services, schools and the voluntary sector was placing the system under pressure, jeopardising the well-being of thousands of children.Over the last three years nearly a third of referrals from schools to the 45 trusts which responded to this question were declined treatment as they did not meet the criteria for support.The news follows a damning report from two select committees, Education and Health and Social Care, last week, which found that the Government’s £300m plans to improve mental health provision for children “lacks ambition and will provide no help to the majority of children who desperately need it.” Peter Wanless, chief executive of the NSPCC said: “Our research shows schools are increasingly referring children for specialist mental health treatment, often when the child is at crisis point.”Childline plays a vital role in supporting children with their mental health, and many turn to us when they are struggling to get access to specialist treatment. Early counselling from Childline could also help relieve the pressure on CAMHS.” Dame Esther Rantzen, founder and president of Childline, said: “Young people are telling us they are overwhelmed with mental health issues, such depression and anxiety, which is taking many of them to the brink of suicide.”Responding to the figures, a Government spokesperson said: “Making sure children and young people get the right support when they need it is imperative. That is why are allocating £300 million, over and above the additional £1.4bn being invested in specialist services, to provide more support linked to schools.”This includes new mental health support teams to provide trained mental health workers to work closely with schools –including primary schools – to provide quicker support to children.”We know we need to do more which is why we have extended our schools and NHS link pilot to deliver training in 20 more areas of the country this year. This will improve links between up to 1,200 schools and their local specialist mental health service.”Separate figures published by charity the Mental Health Foundation show that one in three young adults aged between 18 and 24 had self-harmed because of stress and 39 per cent had experienced suicidal feelings.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Kinectpowered trash can helps you never miss the basket

first_imgThrowing your crumpled up piece of paper across the office in the style of your favorite basketball player is a time-honored tradition, but one that is ruined instantly when the paper misses the rim and hits the floor. Instead of hanging a tiny backboard with a net over your trashcan, take a look at this Smart Trash Can that will move to catch the paper for you.As a group, the technology sphere has a nasty habit of applying “smart” to everything, since it clearly makes everything better. In order to convince someone that a trash can was smarter than all the other trash cans, it would have to do something pretty incredible. Minoru Kurata made sure that the word “smart” applied to his trash can, and it won him an Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival. The trash can itself looks perfectly plain when you see it on the floor, and it continues to sit there and do nothing until you try to throw something away. Once you’ve decided to sink that basket, the can comes to life and moves into the path of the trash to make sure it goes in.The bottom of the trash uses three different wheels that are built on a single axis. The three wheels turn together, and each has a small motor to drive the can to where it needs to go. The design keeps all the weight towards the bottom of the can to make sure it can move quickly without tipping the can over accidentally.From there, a Kinect was hacked to detect movement of small objects in the air, and uses the trajectory and relative position in the room to quickly send instructions to the trash can for retrieval. Currently, Kurata says that the success rate is less than 20% using the current sensor and software. He hopes to patent the technology and work on reducing the number of errors before he considers selling his concept.The only thing I can imagine that would make this any sweeter would be to have a Smart Trash Can mounted on top of a Roomba, and have it be a single unit that caught my paper as I threw it and cleaned the room afterwards. If we’re going to strap a bunch of extra things to a Roomba, though, we might as well go all out and build ourselves a Rosie the Robot.last_img read more

WWF une campagne ultraécolo pour sensibiliser au recyclage

first_imgWWF : une campagne ultra-écolo pour sensibiliser au recyclageEn Hongrie, l’agence Akció 360 et le WWF (World wildlife fund) ont réalisé une des campagnes de sensibilisation à la consommation de papier la plus écolo au monde, relaye Ils sont parvenus à sensibiliser près de 290.000 personnes en utilisant un seul et unique prospectus.C’est une idée originale qu’a mise en pratique le Fonds mondial pour la nature (WWF) en Hongrie avec l’aide de l’agence de Akcio 360. Pour sensibiliser les gens à la consommation de papier et au recyclage, l’organisation a réussi à utiliser le moins de papier possible : un seul et unique prospectus. On pourrait croire que cette campagne s’est ainsi révélée peu efficace, mais pas du tout. Elle a permis de toucher près de 290.000 personnes, révèle le site Neo planète. À lire aussiJournée mondiale de l’environnement : Quelques astuces pour un mode de vie plus écolo au bureauComment le WWF a t-il réussi un tel exploit ? Le secret de cette campagne réside en partie dans l’intervention de deux volontaires déguisés en pandas pour l’occasion. En effet, ceux-ci se sont rendus dans un centre commercial et ont appliqué le principe de la limitation de consommation de papier, tout simplement en passant le flyer de main en main. Pour cela, l’un des deux pandas s’est placé au pied d’un escalator et distribuait l’unique flyer aux visiteurs qui, le temps de la montée de l’escalator, prenaient connaissance de l’objet de la campagne. Arrivés en haut, le second panda récupérait le flyer et le proposait à quelqu’un d’autre, qui le consultait durant la descente de l’escalator et ainsi de suite.1 feuille + 1 vidéo = 285.142 écolos Bien sûr, sensibiliser le plus grand nombre avec un prospectus et deux volontaires prendrait beaucoup plus de temps. C’est pourquoi le WWF a également réalisé une vidéo de cette campagne afin de poursuivre la sensibilisation au recyclage. Ainsi, en seulement deux semaines, le prospectus (aidé de la vidéo) a pu sensibiliser 285.142 personnes. Et un peu plus chaque jour alors que la vidéo continue de circuler sur la Toile.  Justement, découvrez en vidéo cette campagne écolo des plus écolos réalisée par le WWF en cliquant ci-dessous : Le 23 août 2011 à 15:38 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Cybersécurité la loi CISPA semble inquiéter la Maison Blanche

first_imgCybersécurité : la loi CISPA semble inquiéter la Maison Blanche Après la SOPA et la PIPA, une nouvelle proposition de loi cybersécuritaire a été déposée à la fin de l’année dernière devant la chambre des Représentants : la CISPA. Un projet qui inquiète la communauté Internet, mais aussi la Maison Blanche.Déposée en novembre dernier devant la chambre des Représentants américaine, la proposition de loi CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), a pour objectif de lutter contre les cybermenaces. Mais comme les projets SOPA et PIPA, qui visent à enrayer le piratage outre-Atlantique, cette loi inquiète la communauté Internet, qui la voit comme une nouvelle menace pour la vie privée et la liberté des citoyens.À lire aussiLe World Wide Web a 30 ans : devons-nous nous inquiéter de son évolution ?Une crainte visiblement partagée par la Maison Blanche, qui insiste sur la nécessité de préserver la confidentialité des internautes. Citée par le site du journal américain The Hill, la porte-parole du Conseil national de sécurité Caitlin Hayden a tenu à rappeler que “les dispositions relatives au partage d’informations doivent inclure des garanties solides de sécurité, afin de préserver la vie privée et la liberté de nos citoyens”. L’administration Obama estime qu’une “loi sans nouvelle autorité pour parer aux vulnérabilités de nos infrastructures nationales ou une loi qui sacrifierait la vie privée de nos citoyens au nom de la sécurité ne correspond pas aux besoins urgents de notre pays” a encore souligné Mme Hayden.Depuis qu’il a été déposé, le projet CISPA s’est attiré les foudres de nombreux élus et organisations, comme que l’Electronic Frontier Foundation. Celle-ci craint de voir cette loi encourager les actions contre des sites tels que Wikileaks. Plusieurs acteurs de l’Internet, Twitter et Wikipédia par exemple, ont eux aussi exprimé leurs inquiétudes. Mais d’autres soutiennent au contraire le projet. C’est le cas de Microsoft et Facebook.Le 20 avril 2012 à 17:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Berbatov demands more respect for Liverpool

first_imgFormer Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov insists Liverpool deserve respect as they continue to pursue a first league title in 29 years.Following Saturday’s 3-0 win over Bournemouth, Liverpool have moved three points clear at the top of the Premier League for the time being.Though critics have been quick to point out that the Reds’ recent run of form had seen them surrender a seven-point lead to Manchester City prior to this weekend following successive 1-1 draws against Leicester City and West Ham United.This had led to questions over whether or not the Liverpool squad could handle the pressure of being in the middle of a title battle at this stage of the campaign.But two-time Premier League winner Berbatov insists Jurgen Klopp’s men deserve more respect.“People need to pay Liverpool a little respect – they play great football, have a great coach and great players,” Berbatov told Betfair.“They are still in the fight.“If you play for Liverpool you need to be good and you need to know how to handle pressure.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“That is going to be needed as it looks like a tough season that could easily go down to the final game.“That’s good for us watching from the side, but I’ve been there and it is nerve-wracking for the fans, players and staff of the clubs involved.“Both Liverpool and City would love to be champions well before the final couple of games but I don’t see it happening unless one of them – and Spurs, too, of course – blows up.”City will have the opportunity to become joint-leaders with Liverpool once more in this evening’s league match against Chelsea.The encounter at the Etihad Stadium will begin at 5:00 PM (CET).That Anfield atmosphere. ⚡️😍— Liverpool FC (@LFC) February 10, 2019last_img read more

Jürgen Klopp predicts a Golden Generation for Liverpool

first_imgGerman manager Jürgen Klopp already spoke about the future that lies ahead for Liverpool, but he revealed more details about this Golden Generation.Ever since the Premier League started for Liverpool FC, the club had only been able to either buy or produce very few good players who could be considered world class but that has changed with Jürgen Klopp’s arrival.Fenway Sports Group had the vision of building a squad for the next two decades that could create a new dynasty that could make all Reds’ supporters proud, in order to achieve this several steps needed to be made very carefully.The first and most important phase was getting the ideal manager for the squad, someone with the talent to spot amazing players from unlikely places at very young ages, and with the sensitive intuition to also bring local players up from the academy.There have been very few managers in football history who have this whole package rolled in one, we can easily say that the best in the business right now is German manager Jürgen Klopp.Since he arrived at Liverpool the chemistry was quite rapid, the fans quickly identified with the German manager’s energy and the players soon knew that this was the perfect man for the job.It has taken Klopp three years to win everyone over at Liverpool and England, today he has the squad at the very top of the Premier League table and with a bright future ahead.”We are really in the middle of the development so that’s just good news for Liverpool.” 🙌Klopp on planning for the future and the present…— Liverpool FC (@LFC) January 18, 2019“These 17, 18 players, plus the really young boys, that’s the squad of the future. It should be like this. It’s investment, the club gave us the opportunity to do it — really nice,” Klopp said via The Mirror.“Keeping all of them together means we would have a better chance of making the next step next season than we had in previous years.”“The age group is good. This season will not finish our development. It doesn’t look like we’ll lose any key player, it looks like the players are here with all they have, enjoying it with the other boys, in the stadium, training ground. Progress is something everyone should expect.”“The club has given us the fantastic opportunity to bring in outstanding players and keep those outstanding players.”“Last year, we felt comfortable and could bring in the boys without losing players in the summer.”“Yes, we lost Emre Can, who was an important player, but we could replace him immediately with Fabinho.”Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“And the Coutinho transfer saw one world class player leave but gave us the opportunity to sign two world-class players. That is how it is sometimes.”“We always try to do the next step and it looks like we did it, but I only want to talk about this season. It is the most important we ever played — because it is the one we are in.”“But there will come another one and we have to make sure we are ready for that as well,” he concluded.Jurgen Klopp top 5 Liverpool signings.Which one is your favorite, Reds? 👀🔴 #LFC— Anfield HQ (@AnfieldHQ) January 18, 2019Even if the Reds don’t end up winning the Premier League this season, there is a newfound sense of certainty that nobody in the modern football era had ever felt at Liverpool.Klopp made sure that the squad became respected all over Europe again, just like it was in the old days before the European Cup format changed and the Reds ran rampant in every stadium they played.Despite not having won a single title yet, Liverpool has already reached the Europa League final, the Champions League final, and today they can easily say that they are the most feared club in English football.All of this was thanks to Klopp’s vision, his prediction may not materialize as early as this season but there is no doubt that the titles will come sooner rather than later.The key was right there in front of everybody, all Liverpool needed was to keep their key players and start trusting on their own local products in order to get the results they are having today.Jürgen Klopp: “I think of all the contract renewals I have been involved with, this one was done in almost record time. He might be from Glasgow originally, but everything about him screams Liverpool.”— “YNWA” LFC Story (@LFCHistoryShow) January 17, 2019How long will it take Liverpool to win their first major trophy under Jürgen Klopp? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

County officials expect to perform over 100 wedding ceremonies on Valentines Day

first_img Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Posted: February 14, 2018 February 14, 2018 Elizabeth Alvarez, 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) — County officials expect to perform over 100 wedding ceremonies Wednesday as couples look to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day.County staff will officiate weddings at Assessor/Recorder/Clerk’s offices downtown and in Chula Vista, El Cajon and San Marcos. Valentine’s Day usually comes with an uptick in marriage license filings, vow renewals and ceremonies, according to Ernie Dronenburg, the county assessor/recorder/clerk.“My wonderful team helps on average over 100 couples on Valentine’s Day and performs numerous ceremonies at our beautiful Waterfont Park alongside the historical downtown County Administration Center,” he said.Walk-ins will be accepted only at the County Administration Center. Appointments can be scheduled at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. by calling (619) 237-0502. More information is available at Elizabeth Alvarez County officials expect to perform over 100 wedding ceremonies on Valentine’s Daylast_img read more

Morning Press Back to school farmers market plankhouse

first_imgCrestline Elementary School is engulfed in smoke and flames on Feb. 3, 2013. Warmth may return for this last week of August. Local weather coverage is online here.Were you away for the weekend? Catch up on some big stories.Crestline students return ‘home’In the next 10 days, all K-12 students in Clark County will head back to school for another year of learning. Nowhere is their excitement likely to be more palpable than at Crestline Elementary School in Vancouver.On Feb. 3, 2013, Crestline students stood across the street and watched as their school was destroyed by flames. Students, parents, teachers and neighbors huddled together that Sunday morning with expressions of disbelief. Some cried. Others hugged. They’d later learn the cause was arson.As crews rebuilt Crestline, its 500 students and 50 staff were sent to other schools and then got their own temporary school. They became skilled at packing, moving and unpacking.But now, Crestline staff has unpacked for the last time.Excitement reverberated through Crestline Elementary on Wednesday as teachers, staff and volunteers unpacked boxes of books, organized classrooms and prepared to open a brand new school.Music teacher Steve Moebs, 59, stood on the stage, his classroom at the new school, as the volunteers unpacked xylophones and other instruments and placed them in cabinets. In the original Crestline, his music classroom was a double portable with some equipment dating to the school’s opening in 1973. The new music room is a stage engineered for acoustics. A black curtain wraps around to hide the classroom space and turn it into theater space.last_img read more

Pak summons Indian envoy over alleged ceasefire violation

first_imgIslamabad: Pakistan on Wednesday summoned Indian Deputy High Commissioner Gaurav Ahluwalia over alleged ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC). He was summoned by Mohammad Faisal, Pakistan’s Director General for South Asia and SAARC, over the alleged incidents. This development comes amid heightened tensions between India and Pakistan after former’s action to reorganise Jammu and Kashmir and remove provisions in Article 370, which gave special status to people of the state. New Delhi has repeatedly urged Pakistan to “respect” the 2003 Ceasefire arrangement. However, Pakistan has regularly violated ceasefire along the LoC.last_img


first_imgWith their penchant for sweet treats and sneaking in sugar into every meal, Gujaratis have made Gujarat infamous for obesity and malnutrition. Both these dietary disorders though seemingly complete opposites are two sides of the same coin. To take on the onus of changing this and transforming the state of Gujarat into the fittest in the country is a challenging endeavour.In the modern day city of Bhavnagar in Gujarat is a young man who is inspiring a new generation of Gujaratis to get fitter. Jaiveerraj Singh Gohil is the prince of the erstwhile royal family of Bhavnagar. His great-grandfather Maharaja Krishnakumar Sinhji Gohil was the first Indian ruler to merge his kingdom with the Indian union in 1948. Born into this lap of history, Jaiveer- or Yuvraj Bhavnagar as he is known to many, is zealous to find a way to emulate the beneficence of his forefathers. A quick look through his Instagram profile- @yuvrajbhavnagar will show pictures with various dignitaries all with his signature flex pose. The mammoth following he has gathered is the cherry on this healthy cake!The young prince studied at Jamnabai Narsee and Ecole Mondiale School in Mumbai, going on to complete his graduation from the esteemed Les Roches Switzerland where he pursued a degree in hospitality. He returned to his ancestral home in Bhavnagar where the family runs a heritage hotel- Nilambag Palace Hotel. Besides this they also have Narayani Heritage which is a budget hotel, Gopnath Bungalow, a seaside retreat and a Health Club. The Health Club is where Gohil’s passion thrived.Jaiveer’s interest in health and fitness got him involved in the burgeoning fitness industry in India. He was the first Indian brand ambassador for international body builder Kai Greene’s company Dynamik Muscle. The Gujarat State Bodybuilding Federation- a body recognised by the Government of India, named him as their President. Gohil himself conducts state level competitions that have given a platform to several local bodybuilders, promoting an activity that has little recognition in the country.The unique fitness methods adopted by Gohil combine old-school akhada training with compound lifts. He has created a special training program for the Bhavnagar City Police Department which he personally oversees. To achieve his aim of transforming Gujarat into India’s fittest city, Gohil has many things planned, beginning with a Weekend Wellness Retreat at Nilambag Palace Hotel in Bhavnagar. His popularity with the youth has motivated them to focus more on a healthy lifestyle which in turn boost their personal confidence.Under his brand, the Yuvraj Bhavnagar Fitness Academy, Gohil focuses on body transformations with custom-made workouts and diets for each individual. YBFA also has its own line of fitness apparel and health food.Knowing full well that following a fit regime is often expensive, he is making sure that his programs are affordable for the end goal is to make not only Gujarat but India into a fit nation.IBT does not endorse any of the above content.last_img read more

Arsenic exposure linked to respiratory tract infection diarrhea icddrb

first_imgICDDR,BThe people exposed to arsenic in Bangladesh may be at higher risk of childhood respiratory tract infection and diarrhoea, says a new study of icddr,b.The recent systematic review study found links between arsenic exposure and respiratory tract infections or diarrhoea.”The harmful effects of arsenic are well-known yet many people including pregnant women continue to drink contaminated water,” said physician Anisur Rahman, head of icddr,b’s Matlab Health Research Centre and author of the review, in an icddr,b web post.He said the arsenic problem lingered because of the failure to identify an effective strategy to mitigate the problem.”Experience from field-level interventions indicated that people once had limited knowledge of arsenic exposure. Despite knowing the risks many wanted continuous water flow which many water filters could not provide. Rainwater harvesting, as an alternative, did not work in many areas and deep tube-well water may contain other elements in high concentrations, harmful to health,” Rahman observes.According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 20 to 40 million people in the country are exposed to arsenic through drinking water or food, the long-term effects of which include skin lesions, cancer of various organs, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and developmental defects.Large-scale mitigation efforts had successfully reduced drinking water arsenic in rural Bangladesh, found another recent study conducted with icddr,b.Despite this, children still had elevated arsenic exposure through contaminated food. Use of arsenic-contaminated water from shallow pumps for irrigation can introduce arsenic into crops such as rice or paddy, contaminating food supply chains.Arsenic in staple food such as rice might have the most far reaching effect on a larger population.Recent findings by icddr,b researchers provide further evidence that arsenic exposure affects lung function both in children and adults.Exposure to arsenic-laced drinking water while in the womb can hamper lung function in children for many years after birth.”In addition, arsenic exposure may also interfere with specific vaccine response in children,” says physician Rubhana Raqib, senior scientist at icddr,b.Physician Muhammad Yunus, an emeritus scientist at icddr,b with extensive experience of conducting arsenic related work, observed that research has generated a large body of evidence to support a wide range of negative health effects stemming from arsenic exposure.”The adverse health consequences including increased death due to chronic arsenic exposure through drinking water are now well established by high quality scientific research from Bangladesh and other countries,” he said.Yunus said research will continue to unearth more adverse effects, but ultimately concerted effort to ensure arsenic-free water for the affected communities is all that is required.last_img read more

Google Is Launching a Tool That Will Tell You if Solar Panels

first_imgAugust 18, 2015 This story originally appeared on Engadget Adding solar panels to your roof can be frustrating, since it’s often difficult to know if your home receives enough light to justify the investment. Google Maps, however, has satellite, navigation and sunlight data for every property in the world, so it’s ideally placed to tell you how many rays hit your crib on a daily basis. That’s why the firm is launching Sunroof, a database of how much solar energy hits each building in a city, helping people work out if it’s worth the effort. Sunroof is intended as a “treasure map” for future green energy projects, telling you how much of a saving you’d make and how long it’d take to make back your initial outlay.To begin with, Project Sunroof will only be available in three locations: Boston, San Francisco and Fresno. If it turns out to be successful, however, then Google will roll the service out to the rest of the country and, possibly, the world. Once you’ve put in your address, you’ll be told how much you’re likely to save in energy costs, and then be put in touch with a local installer.We tested the service out on Aol’s building in San Francisco, and it told us that we received 1,840 hours of usable sunlight per year. In addition, we learned that we have roughly 15,641 square feet of available space that we could use to install solar panels. It then took us through our options, letting us know that we’d save $14,000 if we leased the hardware, or $24,000 if we bought them outright. So, if you’re in one of these three areas, why not share how much Google thinks you’re likely to save and if that’ll prompt you into signing up. Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger. Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer Listen Now 2 min readlast_img read more

Dopamine 12 audio player released

first_imgDopamine 1.2 audio player released by Martin Brinkmann on December 30, 2016 in Software – 23 commentsDopamine 1.2 is the latest version of the popular audio player and music management software for the Windows operating system.The new version of the program is offered as a portable version and installer on the official project website. Please note that Dopamine requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher, and that it is officially only compatible with Windows 7 and newer versions of the Windows operating system.The program launches a quick wizard on first start that walks you through the steps of setting it up properly. This involves picking at least one local folder containing audio files.These files are then scanned by Dopamine and added to the library automatically.Dopamine 1.2If you used a previous version of the audio player and management app before you will immediately notice some of the new features introduced in Dopamine 1.2.The program supports the automatic downloading of album cover art, song lyrics, and artist biographies.The options work in the portable version and the setup version of Dopamine 1.2. Please note that you need to allow the program to connect to the Internet to pull the data.You need to click on the song that is playing to display the information. Dopamine 1.2 displays icons to display song lyrics and the artist’s biography on the page that opens. The program pulls the biography from developer of the program added scrobbling and the service’s “love” functionality to Dopamine 1.2 as well. So, if you have a account you can link the player to it to take advantage of the new features.Lyrics support editing, even while the song is playing which can be useful as well if the lyrics are incorrect.Another useful feature in the new version is that it is now optional to refresh the collection on startup. Previous versions of Dopamine scanned all folders added to the program on start for changes to the collection.You can disable that under Settings > Collection > Refresh the collection on startup now. While we are there; switch to online under settings to disable the artist and lyrics download options if you don’t require them.The developer added a handful of other features to the program that improve customization. The tray icon has been improved on previous versions of Windows, you can now re-order songs using drag and drop in playlists, and you may enable an option to show a notification when playback is paused or resumed.You find all feature additions and changes on the official Dopamine site.Closing WordsDopamine 1.2 improves the audio player in several ways, and especially in regards to automation. The ability to pull lyrics and biographies from the Internet is certainly useful, and those who don’t require it can turn it off.The downside is that Dopamine 1.2 requires quite a bit of memory while running (about 105 Megabyte last time I checked). Not a problem on systems with lots of RAM, but if you have less than 4 Gigabyte of RAM, or max out RAM regularly, it may not be the best option.Alternatives: AIMP 3, Clemetine, MusicBee,  Tomahawk, or one of the free music players listed here.Now You: Which music player do you use?Summary12345 Author Rating4 based on 8 votes Software Name DopamineOperating System WindowsSoftware Category MultimediaLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

British PMs staffer just outed a man putting his familys lives in

first_imgeTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Shahmir Sanni, is a Brexit whistleblower who claims his family in Pakistan is now in danger because of the ‘outing’.Stephen Parkinson worked as the ground campaign manager for the Vote Leave group during the UK’s Brexit referendum.The Brexit referendum asked British people to vote on whether or not the UK should remain in the European Union. The majority of people voted to leave the EU.But fellow pro-Brexit campaigner, Sanni, was allegedly about to release a series of explosive claims about Vote Leave. Parkinson then outed Sanni by revealing the two had ‘dated’ for 18 months. He suggested ‘blurred lines’ about the relationship was the reason Sanni was blowing the whistle.According to reports, Sanni had evidence that the Vote Leave group used illegal campaigning methods during the Brexit campaign. Sanni’s evidence shows Vote Leave allegedly coordinated with another pro-Brexit group, BeLeave, to dodge campaign spending limits.The Times reported that: ‘BeLeave spent £625,000 on a Canadian social media company using a donation he received from Vote Leave. Electoral law prohibited BeLeave from co-operating with Vote Leave over how the money was spent.’Pakistan family in dangerThrough his lawyers, Sanni released a statement condemning Parkinson’s decision to out him.Sanni’s lawyer Tasmin Allen of the firm Bindmans LLP released a statement alongside his. She said they believed it was ‘the first time a Downing Street official statement has been used to out someone’.‘My client is now having to come out to his mother and family tonight, and members of his family in Pakistan are being forced to take urgent protective measures to ensure their safety,’ Allen said in a statement to media. British Prime Minister Theresa May’s political secretary has outed a man in an official Number 10 Downing Street statement. Trump and Brexit gay whistleblowers call for second Brexit referendumBrexit whistleblower: ‘UK stripped me of my right to come out to my mom’Gay Brexit whistleblower: I’ll sue the UK for outing meRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Shahmir Sanni. | Photo: YouTube/Channel 4 center_img Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Sanni accused Parkinson of outing him deliberately.I’ve lost complete respect for Stephen Parkinson. His antics are inexcusable and my sympathies are with Shahmir Sanni— Oliver Norgrove (@OliverNorgrove) March 24, 2018‘It’s sad that Stephen feels he can’t tell the truth about cheating in the Referendum. I think he understands why I had to do the right thing and let people know what really happened,’ Sanni said.‘But I never imagined that he, with the help of Number 10,  would choose to tell the world I am gay, in a last desperate attempt to scare me.‘This is something I’ve never told most of my friends or family, here or in Pakistan, some of whom are having to take measures to ensure their safety.‘He knew the danger it would cause, and that’s why he did it.‘My coming out should have happened at a moment of my choosing – not his or the Government’s.  Some things are more important than politics and I hope that one day he agrees.’What Parkinson saidParkinson, who has been a close advisor to PM May since she took office, wrote that Sanni was a volunteer for ‘Vote Leave and other leave campaigns, and we began a personal relationship’.‘We subsequently dated for 18 months, splitting up – I thought amicably – in September 2017,’ Parkinson wrote.‘That is the capacity in which I gave Shahmir advice and encouragement, and I can understand if the lines became blurred for him, but I am clear that I did not direct the activities of any separate campaign groups.‘I had no responsibility for digital campaigning or donations during the referendum, and am confident that Vote Leave acted entirely within the law and strict spending rules at all times.’[embedded content]Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . GAYSTARNEWS-last_img read more